Pirelli: Safety of tyres which will be supplied for 2014 is not in question

Nico Rosberg in Bahrain (File Photo)

Nico Rosberg in Bahrain (File Photo)

Pirelli has broken its silence in the aftermath of Nico Rosberg’s high speed blowout during the final morning of testing at Bahrain International Circuit after the German informed the world about the incident through Twitter.

“Just spun at full speed 320 km/h on Bahrain straight ’cause my tyre blew up without warning,” Rosberg said in a tweet that was later deleted. “Thanks to that need to get some toilet paper now..”

With the news going viral, the Italian company were forced to break a self imposed vow of silence regarding the three day test, and issue a press release entitled; “2014 development going according to plan.”

Nico Rosberg unharmed after tyre blowout during testing

Nico Rosberg unharmed after tyre blowout during testing

“The tyre tests in Bahrain regarded a number of prototypes, which were completely innovative in terms of structure and compounds, with the aim of developing the most suitable solutions for … next season.”

The statement added, “This morning Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes was fitted with one of these prototypes, a tyre which had only been tested in the laboratory and which will not be proposed again.”

“Thus, the safety of the tyres which will be supplied for the next Championship is not in question. The accident which happened to Rosberg’s car is being investigated and the findings will be communicated to the FIA and the teams,” concluded Pirelli.

The British GP blowouts were a PR disaster for Pirelli

The British GP blowouts were a PR disaster for Pirelli

Mercedes along with Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Ferrari  is taking part in the Pirelli instigated test with their 2013 spec cars.

While regular testing is banned until next year under current rules, Pirelli had called for a dispensation in order to collect more data about next year’s tyres with representative machinery.

The tyre giant is keen to avoid any repeat of this year’s spectacular British Grand Prix blowouts which threw the sport into crisis and forced Pirelli to revise their tyre construction. (Apex / Reuters)

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  • Butterfly

    Of course is not in question, that would be absurd! Instead, let’s question the safety of the tires *after* they blow up during the races next year.

    Yeah, let’s do that.

  • McLarenfan

    Seems to make sense not everything tested in a lab works in the real world. The government uses vaccines tested in the lab that harms children in the real world. so a tyre going pop is not something that should be a shock if it has just come from a lab.

  • Urko

    Im sure it blew out bcs of debris;)))))

  • Butterfly


    …within the tire itself. :-)

  • JPSmoove

    What is it going to take for Pirelli to get it. Safety is first. The moment someone gets hurt and people even suspect is b/c of the tires its all over. What is the phrase..Illrepute!

  • Bob Wheeler

    I’m sure Rosberg would beg to differ.

  • the fan

    rosberg doesnt look like a guinea pig to me

  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    Tell that to Nico Rosberg! Who literally tweeted he “needed toilet paper”!!!

    Again Pirelli use the media to spin the truth! It’s a tyre test for the 2014 season, how can they say this tyre was never intended for use?????

    I’m soooooooo sick of Formula Pirelli. I want Formula 1!!!! With tyre war with tyre manufacturers that care and supply quality tyres the drivers can actually use and push on!


  • Red Bull Cheats

    And if Rosberg had died…

  • haha

    It’s like the FIA is waiting for a fatality to use as a reason to close the curtain on F1 and to create a chance to promote their shitty no sound “formula” E. Hence the ridiculous new regulations plus not doing anything about the illegal Bull, because this is what’s killing our sport.

  • LOL

    illegal bull my ass.

  • AlsoRan

    These tires can be tested in a centrifuge without
    risking any human life.