Pirelli Formula 1 tyre test in Bahrain shrouded in secrecy

F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain - Practice

Secrecy prevails in Bahrain (File Photo)

The Pirelli tyre test currently underway in Bahrain is being conducted behind closed doors, with the four Formula 1 teams partaking in the three day test sworn to secrecy.

Sebastien Buemi (Red Bull), Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) Pedro de la Rosa (Ferrari) and Jean Eric Vergne (Toro Rosso) pounded around the desert based Sakhir circuit, on the opening day of the test, but with very little information permeating the security cordon thrown around the Bahrain GP venue.

The teams are using 2013 versions of their cars.

No media or members of the public are permitted anywhere near the circuit, the reason given for the shut out being that the test is a private Pirelli affair and not a defacto Formula 1 test. The findings over the course of the three days are confidential and only for internal use by Pirelli as part of their development of the 2014 tyres.

Pirelli tyres used in 2013

Pirelli tyres used in 2013 (File Photo)

Even the four teams taking part in the test are kept in the dark, simply tasked to follow instructions from the Pirelli test team. Tyres bolted on for evaluation have no markings on them, merely indecipherable codes, the meanings of which only the Pirelli technicians are privy to.

What is known is that the 2014 F1 tyres will feature Kevlar in the build, the steel belt option – which was experimented with during the first half of 2013 – has been ditched.

On the final day of the test, on Thursday, Buemi and Rosberg continue to be on duty for their respective teams, while Ferrari have Jules Bianchi in the Ferrari cockpit and Toro Rosso have new signing Daniil Kvyat in action.

Pirelli media office confirmed to GP247: “This is a private Pirelli tyre test, despite the attendance of more than one team. The test is not open to the media or public, and we won’t issue any media information from the test.”  (GP247)

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  • F1 Novice

    Rosberg has just tweeted he’s had a 320 kph blow out – apparently now looking for some spare loo roll :)

  • matthew

    I would most definitely be changing my shorts.

  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    Pirelli are lying sacks of excrement. I don’t trust anything they say as I’ve personally seen them lie and constantly contradict themselves.

    I honestly can’t believe the so-called “pinnacle of motorsport” uses bargain tyres to showcase it’s multi-million dollar cars and drivers. I’d laugh if it weren’t so sad!


  • SteveIsGreat

    Pirelli shrouded in secrecy because the are embarassed and make terrible tires for everything but cycles.