Mercedes poaches two senior engineers from Red Bull

Mark Ellis with Sebastian Vettel

Mark Ellis with Sebastian Vettel

Mercedes F1 team has poached two important engineers from Formula 1’s dominant quadruple World Championship team Red Bull, according to the German newspaper Bild.

The report said that vehicle dynamics chief Mark Ellis, and simulation boss Giles Wood, have both been poached by Mercedes.

“Not a nice Christmas surprise for Sebastian Vettel!” correspondent Nicola Pohl surmised.

Both engineers are due to start work at Brackley in June next year.

Statement: “The Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team is pleased to announce two key engineering appointments for the 2014 season. These two newly created roles will further strengthen the team’s technical organisation, particularly in the fields of simulation and vehicle dynamics.”

“Mark Ellis will join the team as Performance Director in June 2014. Giles Wood will take up the position of Chief Engineer, Simulation and Development at the same time. Both new recruits will join Mercedes AMG Petronas from Red Bull Technology.” (GMM)

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  • weaken Red bull from the inside

    How many key engineers have Red bull lost now in the past few months.
    I wonder why are they jumping ship at red bull?
    I hope this is a sign of the Red bull empire crumbling down and the rise of the titans in the silver arrows.

  • how many engineers are Red bull losing

    Peter Prodromou to Mclaren
    Shaun whitehead to Williams
    Mark Ellis to Mercedes
    Giles Wood to Mercedes

    All in just the past 2 or 3 months. Wow

    Did I miss any other engineers lost by Red Bull.

  • matthew

    June of next year seems a little late to contribute to 2014 development don’t you think?

  • Taskmaster

    The news is not news at all. Team members and management move around all the time. Most press releases amplify their significance.

    The most interesting in all this is Peter – who is returning to McLaren. He was with them 14 years (91-05) prior to Red Bull (06-14). We have no idea whether he can actual fly without Newey, since all of his big accomplishments, including those at McLaren were under him. Shaun has been seperated from Red Bull since Aug 2013 with his own company Jotora Consultants, so he was already in the wind (pun intended). Mark’s career pre-Red Bull was not illustrious, so he needed Red Bull more than Red Bull needed him, while his stint at Red Bull was short. Giles runs the simulator… not exactly a huge pair of shoes to fill. The media hype on all this is truly comical.

    It’s also ironic that the people who point to the end of Red Bull due to the reduction of aero influence in F1, are now loosing their water over movement of aero department players to other teams. I’m not seeing an apocalypse here at all – just a couple of people within a 600 person team moving on.

  • sanky

    Is christian horner commenting under the name taskmaster :P

  • Mclaren_Mircea

    I’m wondering which move is more important? Peter Prodromou and Dan Fallows to Mclaren, or Ellis and Wood to Mercedes? I’m betting on Mclarens’s move.

  • AFA

    The thing is that some people that work close to Newey, are either tired of working their arse off and not getting any recognition for their contribution or they are looking to prove themselves without him!

    I don’t, for a moment, doubt Newey’s genius and talent, but he surely cannot be the only one who comes up with ALL the little changes and the ideas to make the car better and better by every race! And then HE takes all the credit!!! If I was working for him, I’d be so gloriously annoyed with this…

    No wonder people are leaving!