Maldonado visits Lotus HQ and meets up with his new team

Pastor Maldonado with Romain Grosjean, Eric Boullier and Lotus staff

Pastor Maldonado with Romain Grosjean, Eric Boullier and Lotus staff

Pastor Maldonado visited Enstone for the first time publically where today, he met with his 2014 Lotus teammate Romain Grosjean, Eric Boullier and the team’s engineers.

Lotus then released a black and white photo (above) through Twitter of Grosjean cracking a joke while Maldonado was introduced to Lotus staff during the course of his day at the team’s headquarters.

Maldonado left Williams to replace Ferrari bound Kimi Raikkonen in the Enstone based outfit. (GP247)

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  • matthew

    And when he left, crashtor accidentally backed into a car in the parking lot.

  • k-15-

    RG: “Ladies & Gentlemen, I wish to introduce to you my crasher in crime.”

  • McLarenfan

    Romain “yes he has landed we have 3 cars requiring a tow truck 1 is yours Eric”.
    “The fool cant even park safely”.

  • O’Ferrari

    I hope maldonado loses his legs and arms and ability to speak in a tragic chess-playing accident.

  • O’Ferrari

    No, that’s mean. I hope the government he supports is overthrown and the millions of tortured and starving victims of the regime feast upon his putrid flesh.

    Yes, that’s better. Everybody wins.

  • HSV

    Man, it is quite appalling how everyone here is treating/talking about Maldonado. Give it a rest. He is a talented driver and will be a great addition to Lotus.

  • O’Ferrari

    Yes, HSV, you are correct. He would make an excellent speed bump or crash test dummy for lotus.

    Buuuuuuuuuut…….. I hope he dies before he gets the chance.

    Then his government can talk about how he was the best ever and taken before getting the chance to show his enormous talent.

  • matthew

    on a side note look how distraught Boullier and the 3 guys behind him and crashtor look.

  • farizY



  • McLarenfan

    So true they look like he has their lives in his hands, they must be part of the pit crew!!!!

  • the fan

    ok now its time to crash test that lotus courtesy of pastor

  • Red Bull Cheats

    See the sign above them, it says to run for the door. Wise sign.

  • LOL

    I assure you all, when we see the lotus pit crew in 14 they will appear fat. Don’t be fooled, it’s simply padding for their protection.

  • matthew

    Damn it red bull cheats! I think you were the 1st to notice that. You had a tremendous opportunity for a funny joke of some kind. But now its gone… just like lotuses chances of a good season!

  • F1carshard

    Hojala te pudras mateo 10fettam, eres una basura española, vete a inclinarte a el marico rey de mierda de España, basura mas problemas va tener tu piloto hasta luego bill desgraciado!!!….

  • matthew

    uhoh… we have a pissed of venezuelan! XD

  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    Soooooooo looking forward to Hulk and Perez and Force India kicking “Lotus” down the grid. If they actually make it to Melbourne, lol. They couldn’t even afford to go to the tyre test and are already begging for the first official 2014 test to be post-poned.


    calm down blokes. Unless through the power of (jesus, Buddha, Flying spaggatie monster combine) maldonado can be useful for the team. He might actually drive a half decent race and crash out vettel in the process!

  • ooohlala

    Look at the amount of solemn faces around Maldonado knowing that he is in Lotus.

  • Justin S.


  • Dan

    Why complain. Great with a driver you dont need to pay, or not.

  • Boycottthebull

    So Grosjean was cracking a joke at Maldemoneybags introduction? Was he really saying Crashtor was the joke?

  • Ninjamonk

    Caption: The Worlds Worse Boy Band!


    Grosjean: At least we know we are getting paid this month

  • Badman Jose

    I have in the pass called Maldonado the Cannon Ball.
    Well that was yesterday. I called Grosjean some goofy
    funny names some time back. Again that was yesterday
    Both driver were fast and with a little patience and some
    F1 luck Lotus will be very competitive racing against the
    top five.
    From Brooklyn all the best in 2014 y’all !