Boullier angry at reports claiming that he is moving to Force India

Eric Boullier

Eric Boullier

After having to deny reports that he is defecting to Force India from Lotus, Team Principal Eric Boullier admits that the episode has left him “annoyed and dismayed” by the timing.

As reports on the internet that the Frenchman is fleeing the financially troubled Enstone based team flourished , Boullier took to his personal Twitter account to issue a short denial.

“I have never received any [other] offers and I have not resigned,” he said on Monday.

Now, according to Speed Week, Boullier has revealed how the reports caught him by surprise.

“On the ground, everything was going quite normally,” he is quoted by veteran correspondent Agnes Carlier. “We were preparing for the 2014 season, I was rushing from one meeting to the next, with the days beginning early and finishing late. Every day [was] at full throttle. And then came this story.”

“It’s not just that I had to defend myself to the outside, I had to get together my people in the factory and tell them that there’s nothing to it. reports spread quickly in a racing car factory. But they should know that I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere,” Boullier insisted.

He said that with the regulations changing so radically ahead of the 2014 season, and with a late January deadline for official testing looming large, the timing of the report could not have been worse.

“This is a phase in which every minute counts, as we get the car ready for the first winter test at Jerez in late January,” said Boullier. “So this was an immense waste of time and energy.” (GMM)

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  • Kimi4WDC

    He is probably angry because Force India did not want Grosjean as baggage with Boullier.

  • Sean

    @Kimi4WDC …

    obviously with a name like yours, I think we can all assume why you rant like you do.

    unfortunately for you and your clearly simple mind, that’s a pretty pathetic comment, even for a Kimi fan. Your attempt at humour hidden as a personal dig isn’t even remotely funny.

    Just because your immature, retarded, idiotic wank-stain was forced out, yea that’s right, Lotus got rid of him, which you will never accept, even though it’s back up by Mansour’s latest comments, means we have yet another past Ferrari hater who now loves them again … even after what they done to him last time around …


  • oppolock

    Yeah Sean, I’m sure Lotus got rid of the guy who earned them lots of points and did a good job considering how difficult the situation was at times. You sound like a lunatic, your rant sounds much more disturbed. If Lotus is indeed in serious financial trouble, why is it crazy to assume he looked for another job? I worked in the industry for some time, stranger things have happened.

  • matthew

    volunteering as a track worker doesn’t count as working in the industry simpleton. On another note, you can’t possibly say kimi did a good job! He was a joke. A driver as good as him could have done much much better.

  • Kimi4WDC

    @Sean, so while you wrote so many adjectives while assuming my personality, can you please elaborate those insults with the reasons why you think that?

    Fact is, it is hard to imagine Grosjean being in Lotus, if not for Boullier, so how my joke is all those things you mention?

  • Hawk

    stop it. It is obvious there is only one reason why you would hate Grosjean. It does not reflect well on Kimi. Maybe if you are an Alonso fan who Grosjean surely cost the WDC.

  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    Actually the REAL STORY is Vijay at reports claiming that Boullier is moving to Force India!!!

    He lies as much as Hembery and it’s soooooo sad to see Benetton/Renault now the fake “Lotus” team fall sooooo far. And I thought Flavio-Alonso-Piquet jr-Crashgate was a low point. 2014 will set an all new low for them… if they even make the grid.

  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    that^^^ should be “…Vijay is ‘angry’ at reports…”

  • LOL


    I can’t imagine anyone defending kimi after the performance he delivered in 13.