Ricciardo introduces Formula 1 to the streets of Sri Lanka

Red Bull Racing’s newest star Daniel Ricciardo brought F1 to Sri Lanka at the Red Bull Show Run where  the 100,000 strong crowd that lined the streets of downtown Colombo was left in a whirl as the RB7 thundered past.

Daniel took the car out four times for a spin around the streets of Colombo, eliciting loud and excited cheers each time he tore around the course and leaving a trail of deafening sound, burning rubber and leaving smoke in his wake.

He said: “The track was really good, in sections it was bumpy but the corners were great. What made it even more special was being the first team to have driven a Formula 1 car on the streets of Sri Lanka and to get such a great reaction from the crowd.”

The build-up to his run at the Colombo Night Races began a day before the main event, when the RB7 was snapped atop the culturally revered Galle Fort.

Daniel showed what the car could do and got the gathered crowds cheering as he also drove the car on a section of road outside the Fort.

He said: “The trip to Galle was great. I also got to spend some time on the beach so I was very happy with that.” (Red Bull)

Subbed by AJN.

  • StevetheGreat

    Such a shame f1 will be losing it’s trademark auditory orgasm in favor of an artificially amplified turbo white noise with low revs that my streetbike pulls easily. F1 used to be great, now it’s been whored out and sold off. And for what? Children who love hybrids and think all racing should be green but don’t actually have any cash to spend on the sport and it’s merch. Total fail if a business plan. Much like F1 in countries like Thailand and India where the price of one ticket or access to tv coverage is several times above the median annual wages.

  • k-15-

    Red bull had taken f1 cars to more countries than FOM actually did.

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  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    lol, what no thumbs up? ok
    +1 Steve and ketamine-15