Raikkonen receives warm Ferrari welcome on his return to Maranello

Kimi Raikkonen with Ferrari mechanics and engineers during his visit to Maranello

Kimi Raikkonen with Ferrari staff during his visit to Maranello

Kimi Raikkonen made his first appearance at Maranello since being signed to return to Ferrari. He was received enthusiastically by his new colleagues.

Raikkonen was at Maranello to reacquaint himself with the team which spent three seasons with, until 2009, winning the 2007 Formula 1 World Championship in the process.

The Finn was warmly received by Ferrari staff, many of whom he knew from his first stint with the team. He met with team principal Stefano Domenicali, senior engineers and his newly appointed race engineer Antonio Spagnolo.

Raikkonen was also given a tour of the Maranello facilities, including the team’s simulator, which have been upgraded since 2009. He was also shown the 2014 car and given a preliminary seat fitting during the course of his visit.

Kimi Raikkonen will again be donning a red Ferrari race suit

Kimi Raikkonen will again be donning a red Ferrari race suit

Ferrari reported, “It was an opportunity to go over the current state of play on the design of the 2014 car, as well as a chance for Kimi to meet up with many old friends who, in a few weeks time will once again be his team mates.”

After being paid to leave Ferrari at the end of 2009, and make way for Fernando Alonso, Raikkonen took a break from Formula 1 before returning in 2011 to drive for Lotus. He won two races for the black and gold team.

He missed the final two races of the 2013 season due to a back injury which required an operation. At the same time Raikkonen revealed that Lotus had not paid him any money for his services, prompting the decision to sort out the recurring back problem which had returned to afflict him.

Raikkonen will partner Fernando Alonso in the team, making it the most experienced driver pairing on the grid. (GP247)

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  • Hugo

    I don’t see either Alonso or LDM. Quite the warm welcome…

  • fools

    Alonso for the 2014 WDC Turbo Era!

  • O’Ferrari

    I hope there are enough mirrors at marenello for he and alonso.

  • Bub

    I’ll be wearing the Red Hat for 2014.

    C’mon Kimi!!

  • the fan


    why would alonso be there in the first place? he’s on vacation probably and its not necessary to be there. the photo was taken with the staff so its obvious that LDM would be there as well. im glad you didnt ask where was Enzo Ferrari, James Allison or Stefano for God’s sake…

  • Nowhereman

    Bring on the car and some testing please.
    Enough of this smiley face hugs all around BS.
    Lets see what kind of motor big red has come up with to deal with Renault.

  • Greg

    Alonso’s been in the simulator 18 hours a day….

  • jeff

    Glad to see Kimi back. A little curious as to why he’s not wearing red. He and Nando look so good on paper. Hope they both strive for the good of the team. This could be great for Ferrari or could be a nightmare. Can’t wait to get racing…Love to see what they all bring to the table…VIVA F1

  • Forza Ferrari

    Yea and so? You’re as bad as the gossip hungry media, that reads into every little thing that Luca di Montezemolo or Alonso does or doesn’t do. What would you have liked to have happened? Luca and Alonso and all the Ferrari staff giving Kimi a group hug??? LOL :-D

    @the fan
    Actually Enzo Ferrari is there, behind Kimi and the mechanics.

  • Forza Ferrari

    Yea, and so? You’re as bad as the gossip hungry media, that reads into every little thing that Luca di Montezemolo or Alonso does or doesn’t do. What would you have liked to have happened? Luca, Alonso and the Ferrari staff giving Kimi a big group hug and a cake? LOL :-D

    @the fan
    Actually Enzo Ferrari is there, right behind Kimi and the mechanics.

  • Spartacus

    What operation? He needs to show us his scars!

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @ Spartacus, you pay his missing $30m Lotus money, then you can see the scars.

  • Tinto

    Always loved Kimi, but more then ever now when he is against the over-rated samurai. Interesting to see not only the racing but the way he copes with Alonso’s dirty politics.

    Can he be funnier that that, typical Kimi, first day in Ferrari office with no red color displayed?

  • Butterfly


    Yeah, everything Kimi does or doesn’t do is so damn funny and full of character.

    Kind of like R2D2 from StarWars: people project onto him everything they want. R2 is funny, too, right?

  • fools

    @tinto pinto

    haterrrrr! go back to sleep.

  • fools

    @tinto pinto

    Haterrrrr! go back to sleep!

  • Junior Johnson

    At forza ferari please help me i cant find that little at button thing.I thought Enzo Ferari was already dead didnt he die already? Sorry if i was wrong i dont know why i was thinking that. Wich one is he isnt he very old then coz i cant see any body reely all that old in the picture.Is he may be the guy whos head is been blocked?

  • Tinto


    It is the two men personality that makes the difference, at least for me. Both are good racers, in fact I rate Alonso a bit higher and that makes next year exciting. Hope Kimi is upping the game. Kimi is not a perfect lad, who is it, but I find him more interesting and honest, including his clean, racing style. Other than racing that for me is not the best I found nothing attractive and interesting for Alonso. It is like the difference between skiing and snowboarding, you choose one that represents you.

  • el vicepresidente


  • O’Ferrari

    Thank you. That warmed my cold heart.

  • stoner

    Kimi for 2014 WDC !!!! :-D

  • O’Ferrari

    Awwwwww, thanks stoner.

  • Butterfly

    There is no way Kimi had back surgery.

  • Hawk

    @junior johnson
    c’mon its the picture behind.. in b/w.. do you see it?

  • O’Ferrari


  • quixpeed

    Alonso is a very emotional person, i don’t think this will bode to be a pleasant journey for him, i love the skill of both of them, though still i believe Kimi is far frank and mouthful of what his mind thinks.
    we will see the regular so cold Kimi who does not give a fish of whatever is happening around him, and yet still he can deliver, also we will witness Alonso who is darn irritated emotionally if Kimi got an upper hand over him, yet he is highly concentrated in his driving job and never fails to deliver.
    two complete contradictions, will be a joy to watch.

  • Speedo Reido

    Perhaps he’s not in red because he’s still under contract for Lotus until the year’ send. The article states they (Kimi and those pictured) will be team mates in a few weeks. I seem to remember other drivers had to receive special permission from their former teams in order to start with their new team before January 1st. I don’t suspect that Lotus will be giving any special favors to Kimi any time soon given the way things ended this year…

  • IowaF1fan

    Welcome back Kimi!!

  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    Kimi: Ferrari’s new #1 Driver.

    The team knows it too. Driver’s Championships at Ferrari:
    Kimi – 1
    Alonso – 0

    Even Massa was closer to a title with Ferrari than Alonso ever was, looooooool.

  • Kimi Raikkonen

    Leave me alone. I know what I’m doing.

  • Boycottthebull

    Enjoy Kimis visit cause he doesnt do it very often. He rarely contributes to car development and only barely bothers to rock up on race weekends let alone in between. I love how the Kimi fans say he is full of character, when in fact he has no personality at all. He should be called the dried prune not iceman. Grosjean said just this week in 2 years Kimi never spoke to him at all. He has no interpersonal skills at all and rarely contributes to development or media, its why Red Bull chose not take him. Ferrari will soon remember why they axed him in the first place.

  • the fan

    @Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    how about remembering how the point system was different in 2008? that would be make you not so stupid

  • Spartacus

    Kimi in 2014: