Teams testing slower 2014 Pirelli tyres in Bahrain

Formula One World Championship, Rd17, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Preparations, Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Thursday 31 October 2013.

Pirelli’s new range of tyres for 2014 is more conservative, according to the early reports from private testing in Bahrain.

A three-day, Pirelli-organised test in the island Kingdom kicked off on Tuesday, with Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and Toro Rosso in attendance with their 2013 cars.

The testing of next year’s tyres, which will have to handle the much-higher torque of the new turbo engines, is taking place behind closed doors, and laptimes and details are not being disclosed.

But Italy’s Autosprint said: “The general indication is that [the tyres] are slower. Even with the [2013] cars, the lap times are expected to rise, because the tyre supplier is taking a more prudent approach.”

Pirelli had a tumultuous 2013 season, characterised by the tyre-exploding British Grand Prix and constant complaints about questionable durability and quality.

Autosprint said that Formula 1’s official tyre supplier has taken dozens of compound and construction combinations to Bahrain, but they all have one thing in common – the internal Kevlar belt.

“The experiment with steel belts, which gave so many problems at the beginning of 2013, is over,” the report added. (GMM)

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  • StevetheGreat

    There’s a shock. We are we still dealing Pirelli? Surely there is a serious tyre company somewhere that would actually like to supply F1 with proper tyres and not make ridiculous and useless crap that bounces fromone extreme to the other!!!!

    So far Pirelli has failed to impress and they should def stick to cycles. Not to mention their street car tyres suck too. Ask Paul Walker…. Oh right. We can’t.

    Boycott Pirelli!!!!!!!

  • Mercedes supporter forever


  • The Only Brainiac in the Room

    You idiots can’t seem to realize that it is not Pirelli’s fault the tires are the way they are. They were ASKED by the FIA and Eccelstone to produce a tire that wears quicker in order to try to bring back some excitement to the sport. If Michelin or Bridgestone were in the sport right now, the same thing would be occurring, because the tire company has its hands tied with the tire they can produce.

    Redirect your anger to the people in charge. Although I suspect the lack of intelligent thinking you displayed in your post would prohibit you from doing that.

  • TC

    @The Only Brainiac in the Room, thanks for talking some sense. Some truly moronic comments before yours.

    Pirelli would be perfectly capable of making tyres comparable to the previous Bridgestone / Michelins, but have been instructed to do something else. They can’t win!

  • Kimi4WDC

    It does not matter if they slower. As long as drivers can push 100% every lap of the race.

    There are going to be plenty of things drivers will have to be conservative about next year.

  • matthew

    This is ridiculous, and I don’t mean just the tires. F1 cars should be getting faster and faster as technology advances! Not held back by regulations to limit fuel consumption, aerodynamic restrictions, tires that are not good enough, and last but not least, bad drivers with huge sponsorships!

  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    Anyone who actually believes the media spin since 2011 is the true moron. Do your research or activate your memories! The whole “we asked Pirelli to make high degradation tyres to spice up the racing” is the biggest piece of nonsense in 21st century F1. You all need to accept it NEVER happened. NEVER. That story went public AFTER Pirelli brought out crappy tyres that fell apart.

    Go rewatch the seasons and then come back and apologize for being muppets of the media. You are exactly what they want. Ignorant fans. ;)

  • matthew

    I never claimed that. However 2013 should have brought new lap records to every track. It didn’t. To clarify your point zombe, your saying pirelli, one of the best tire manufacturers is incapable of making a reliable f1 tire? How idiotic.

  • Cody Backhaus

    I truly agree that pirelli tyres are still the best, when drivers are comfortable at F1 that means pirelli are still in demand.

  • Mahendra

    tidak setuju tentang boycot adapter PIRELLI.
    Jangan cuma bisa mSayaenyalahkan produk, tetapi coba lihat pembalap dan tire crew juga bagaimana mereka memakai dan merakitnya. Semahal apapun ban kalau racer dan tire crew ceroboh dan kasar pasti malah lebih buruk lagi dampaknya.
    Maaf jika sedikit kasar bicara, perlu dicatat dan diingat; PIRELLI adalah merk ban internasional dan yang terkuat dibanding merk lain,itu fakta umumnya. Jadi coba periksa ulang kesalahan yang ada dulu jangan asal teriak tidak pakai otak..