Ferrari appoints Spagnolo as engineer for Raikkonen

Spagnolo with Fernando Alonso

Antonio Spagnolo with Fernando Alonso

Kimi Raikkonen will be hearing a new voice over the team radio next season after Ferrari announced that Italian Antonio Spagnolo would be race engineer to the returning 2007 World Champion.
How much assistance he will need remains to be seen.

The taciturn Finn is well known for doing things his own way, famously telling his race engineer at Lotus in 2012 to “leave me alone, I know what I’m doing” while on his way to victory in Abu Dhabi.

The quote has gone down in Formula 1 legend, emblazoned on thousands of T-shirts.

Raikkonen won his title with Ferrari, before making way for Fernando Alonso at the end of the 2009 season and moving to rallying for two years prior to a comeback with Lotus.

The Finn’s race engineer from his last Ferrari period, Italian Andrea Stella, is still with the Italian team but has since forged a close working relationship with Alonso.

Ferrari’s announcement means change for Britain’s Rob Smedley, a familiar voice to television viewers worldwide as race engineer to Raikkonen’s long-suffering Ferrari predecessor Felipe Massa.

Massa has moved to Williams and Smedley could join him there in a new technical role, although he has also been linked with McLaren.

Raikkonen missed the last two races of this year after having back surgery, but Ferrari’s website said that he had visited the Maranello factory on Tuesday to catch up with old friends and discuss the 2014 car. (Reuters)

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  • Forza Ferrari

    “Raikkonen’s long-suffering Ferrari predecessor Felipe Massa” hahahahahaaa could you be more melodramatic than that?! I can only dream about “suffering” like Massa did by driving in Scuderia Ferrari and earning millions every year…yea that’s “real suffering”. Ridiculous! :-D

  • Spartacus

    Still no hard prove of Kimi’s surgery. I say it’s a big lie. He didn’t have any surgery at all.

  • Forza Ferrari

    Are you insane? You’re almost as bad as the illuminati conspiracy freaks. Kimi did have a back surgery 100%! They even named the doctor who performed the sugery in Strasbourg, Prof. Afshin Gangi…are you trying to say that it’s all made up? Everyone in Formula 1 is in on it, covering for Kimi and his “fake” back surgery??? Get your head out of your butt and start making some sense!

  • terry

    No no I dont want Smedley to Leave Ferrari

  • Kimi4WDC


    And why would it matter what you say? I think even Vettel would have showed you his finger for assumptions like that :)