Todt hopes Ecclestone stays F1 boss for many years

Bernie Ecclestone with Jean Todt

Bernie Ecclestone with Jean Todt

FIA president Jean Todt has come out in support of Bernie Ecclestone saying that he hopes thatthe under fire F1 supremo stays at the helm of the sport for many years to come

When asked about Ecclestone’s high profile legal wrangles, and the prospect of Formula 1 needing a new boss Todt said he hopes that 83 year old Ecclestone “stays in his place for many years”.

“I saw him [last] Monday,” Todt said. “He is in great shape, vibrant, motivated. Then we talk about what happens after Ecclestone..? I’d rather focus on the present.”

Todt sidestepped any talk about the potential problems caused by the revolutionary new regulations, or the obviously urgent need to cut costs, answering: “I do not have a crystal ball.”

He also didn’t want to talk about measures that were considered for 2014 but not adopted, such as mandatory two-pitstop grands prix.

“I read a lot of proposals,” said Todt. “If I was to comment on everything that we read, we’d be here until tomorrow. The reality is that we have spoken about the tyres, but the regulations will not change next year.”

“There will be tests in Bahrain, where I hope the right solutions will be developed. I am convinced that Pirelli has all the ability and the professionalism to do it,” he concluded. (GMM)

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  • StevetheGreat

    I liked todt right up until the Merc tyre test decision when i thought, ” ok, everyone makes a mistake”. But now the course F1 is on can’t be said to be moseleys fault and these 2014 regs suck king kong dong. Sad that everyone is out to rape the fans and make a profit at the expense of what was once the greatest motorsport… I just can’t see how pirelli and the 2014 regs will bring in enough new fans to replace the ones leaving thanks to these silly rules and enforcements!

  • StevetheGreat

    How did the troll-babies miss this one? Looool. Bitches.

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    You love this topic so much that you commented on it again 13 hours later? Must be a welfare case. I assume you can’t hold a job.

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    No matter where I go on this site, I always run into stevethegreat getting owned! Whose bribe payment is bernie holding in that picture I wonder?