Missing evidence makes dramatic reappearance in Hamilton letterbox

Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton

The damages law suit brought by Anthony Hamilton against former client Paul di Resta took another dramatic turn, when it resumed after the weekend, as the father of Lewis Hamilton reported ‘finding’ evidence which he earlier reported had gone missing.

Early on in the trial Hamilton claimed that a box containing several mobile phones containing important evidence had gone missing during a period when building work was being carried out at his home.

But after the weekend Hamilton returned to the stand to reveal that the box containing the missing Blackberry devices had been returned, discovered in a disused letterbox near the back gates of his new mansion in Tewin, Hertfordshire.

Unimpressed Paul Downes QC, representing Di Resta, accused Hamilton of telling “lies, lies and lies” and belives that he had known the whereabouts all the time.

Anthony Hamilton with Bernie Ecclestone

Anthony Hamilton with Bernie Ecclestone

Downes surmised: “You knew that if you had tampered with evidence, that would be a serious criminal offence.”

To which Hamilton responded: “I have not tampered with any evidence. I have told you the truth and if you don’t like it, there is nothing I can do.”

Downes replied: “You knew you were at serious risk of criminal proceedings if you lost this case. You knew perfectly well where the BlackBerrys were and you knew where the USB stick was. You took them to Access Data because you needed to be satisfied there wasn’t a serious smoking gun on this USB stick.”

Downes added: “There were eight BlackBerrys [that went missing] but only three have been returned. So the thief has seen the press coverage and has thought they will return half of them?”

Anthony Hamilton with Paul di Resta in the Force India pit garage during the 2011 Turkish GP weekend

Anthony Hamilton with Paul di Resta in the Force India pit garage during the 2011 Turkish GP weekend

Lee Banks, a witness who took the stand on the day, in charge of installing 110 CCTV security cameras on Hamilton’s property admitted that none of the cameras were pointed at the back gate where the box containing potentially crucial evidence reappeared.

Hamilton is suing Di Resta for breach of contract and loss of earnings after he was dismissed by the Force India driver in 2012.

Di Resta gave Hamilton a lead to pursue with Go Fast energy drinks company, who indicated they wanted to pump substantial money into a deal with the Scot.

Early on in the trial Hamilton said, “It was obviously a scam. Only in fiction do drivers who have made no name for themselves get offered a €21 million deal. But I had an obligation on behalf of my client to pursue it. I was under huge pressure.”

The case continues this week with judgement expected early 2014. (GP247)

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  • O’Ferrari


  • Sonic

    I have no respect for this man

  • captain tortuga

    It takes two to tango, and both don’t seem to be very transparent or honest people. I feel that both did their fair share of lying and betraying… considering all the deceit they deserve to be in F1 xD

  • Jules

    Quite honestly, DiResta is no angel. Both are trying to win the case and both individuals are looking after their own interest. For starters, DiResta recorded his phone conversations with Hamilton, which is illegal and claims he didn’t know it was illegal. He also went out to try set up Hamilton.

  • Tamburello_1994

    I feel bad for Lewis at the end of the day. Must be somewhat embarrassing to see your father get turned out in public like this.

  • realf1fan

    It is his father who is taking legal action against PDR,

  • Badman Jose

    The best part of this Soap is the comments here.
    Still no noise why that Red Bull car was so fast near the end of the season.
    Magic, sorcerers trickery or something best not spoken about.
    Well not just yet, the cover up is still in place..


  • Jules

    RB cheated..as usual and they outsmarted the FIA. Even if the FIA found them guilty, they would not have done anything in case as it will leave a bad taste for the sport.

  • jeff

    110 cameras…some security

  • gilgen

    jeff. Yes, that number is stunning! What on earth is he afraid of? And the main area where a camera should be focused is any gate leading to the property.

  • jeff

    Gilgen yes I agree. The fact remains that anybody with that kind of system needs to be paid. LOL. What a crook.

  • StevetheGreat

    What a family of scumbags.

  • Burny Ecclestoned

    So little ethics it’s amazing these two weren’t much more successful in Formula 1.

  • LOL

    You can’t tell me that not one of those cameras was pointed at the gate.

  • Hawk

    @stupid Steve
    leave Lewis out this. put a lid on your odium

  • jeff

    Hawk, Steve is correct in al his claims of the Hamiltons. The apple don’t fall far from the tree. The term ‘scumbag’ is correct enough. This is no assumption.

  • Tom Riddle

    “Lies,lies and lies!” Looks like they have the perfect man to succeed Ecclestone or become the FIA Führer.

  • StevetheGreat

    @ Bunny – well said! Tho they did steal the 2008 wdc. Nothing but crying since then tho.

    And the rest of you troll-babies have a lot to learn if you think Lewis actually has no knowledge of the proceedings and magically found the blackberries in question. Lewser has bern in Vail since Brazil. I should know, he lives down the street. There goes the neighborhood.

  • Taz

    Like father like son.

    Lewis and Anthony are both proven liars.

    How nice.

  • O’Ferrari


    I agree with what u said, but you’re coming off stupid now.

    “Lewser has bern in Vail since Brazil”

    “I should know, he lives down the street”

    Yeah. You should know. You know soo much. You so clever meester steve.

    I’ve worked in the f1 paddock for a little over 30 years, but even I’m never heard of lewser berning in vail.

  • O’Ferrari

    I guess you’re suggesting he is with nicole atm?

  • O’Ferrari

    And you live just up the road, eh?

  • O’Ferrari

    Are you besties with scherzinger?

  • O’Ferrari

    Are you 12?

  • O’Ferrari

    Considering the flights and media events and hiking trips lewis has been doing, Vail must be like some sort of TARDIS this time of year as the laws of space and time obviously don’t exist there.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    O’Ferrari, the small minded come here to dream of their own glory. And don’t mention you actually work in F1. My brother does and that makes them so upset they call me a liar.

  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    lol, I hate to say it but Hamilton does live in Colorado… I don’t know where but he’s said it numerous times. (pretty sure he said during the COTA race preview)

    anyway as for the article, I don’t trust Hamilton Sr. It says a lot when your son sacks you and his team ask you to stop attending the races.

  • O’Ferrari

    Yeah, so true. I like StevetheGreat and Junior Johnson. They both live in a fantasy world.

    Working in the industry is 48 weeks of toil, rarely getting to watch an entire gp and tolerating changes of leadership and the occasional incompetent pay driver.

    Although, contrary to reports, we have all been paid.

  • O’Ferrari

    My comment was @ redbull cheats.

  • Myparentslivenearlewis

    It’s Lewis’s mansion with a house built on the property for his parents, but it is Lewis’s mansion and its stunning!

  • Myparentslivenearlewis

    And there is a camera on the main front gate