Dennis admits ‘never say never’ Alonso could return to McLaren

Ron Dennis with Fernando Alonso in 2007

Ron Dennis with Fernando Alonso in 2007

Despite the unsavoury history of their one year relationship, McLaren supremo Ron Dennis has refused to rule out reuniting with Fernando Alonso in the future as the British team seeks to rekindle its winning ways beyond 2014 when its second Honda era begins.

Dennis told the BBC, “One has to recognise [that] the first objective of any grand prix team is to win races. Whatever obstacles sit between a team wanting to win and winning, be it engineering, fiscal or human issues, you resolve them. [One] never says never.”

It is no secret that team principal Martin Whitmarsh has been ‘romancing’ the Spaniard who drove for them during the ill fated 2007 season, openly admitting that the Spaniard would be welcome back at the team.

Ron Dennis with Fernando Alonso (ESP) McLaren with Ron Dennis and Luis Garcia Abad

Ron Dennis with Fernando Alonso and Luis Garcia Abad

Alonso is not letting on if he is even considering the overtures from Woking, “I have three more years with Ferrari and I hope many more to come if we can extend the contract and that would be my hope.”

His manager Luis Garcia Abad has labeled the return to McLaren reports as ‘Formula 1 fiction’ and added, “You cannot have two signed contracts, as when you sign one, you must notify the body that controls it. So it is technically impossible.”

Alonso and Ferrari are currently going through great pains to assure the public that all is well at Maranello, despite the team signing ‘prodigal son’ Kimi Raikkonen to partner Alonso starting in 2014.

The pairing, which has already been dubbed ‘Fire & Ice’ by the media, is supposed to bring back the all important titles to Ferrari – however, many believe that Raikkonen’s return is a play by Luca di Montezemolo to reaffirm the balance of power within the team in the wake of Alonso’s criticism of the 2013 F138 earlier in the season.

Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso will be Ferrari teammates in 2014

Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso will be Ferrari teammates in 2014

Cynics predict that the Alonso-Raikkonen partnership will be shortlived, which would make the McLaren (with works Honda power in 2015) a very attractive option to either of them should things go awry at Ferrari, with the smart money on Alonso losing the plot first.

Meanwhile the fallout between Dennis and Alonso, in the aftermath of the Spygate scandal of 2007, prompted the Spaniard to say on record that he would never return to a team if Dennis was involved in any way.

After a woeful 2013 F1 season for McLaren, Dennis is aggrieved by the freefall of the organisation he built into a winning machine and is reportedly seeking to increase his share in the team with a view to returning to head up the F1 operation.

If Alonso remains a target for a Dennis led McLaren, it can be said that time does tend to heal, while money is always the best medicine especially in Formula 1. Ask Ferrari and Raikkonen. (GP247)

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  • realf1fan

    Why should Ron not want Alonso back as he is the best driver on the grid about now and why would Alonso not want to go back surly 07 is now water under the bridge and both Ron and Alonso were caught out by Lewis. No one knew how good Lewis was and his performance in 2007 lead Lauda to call Lewis the greatest rookie ever so Alonso cant feel to bad.

    As for Jenson there maybe trouble ahead. No wins or podium in a Mclaren for the whole season wont have gone down to well.

  • StevetheGreat

    Sounds to me like Mclaren would love to get Santander back at any cost now that TelMex/TelCel won’t be signing on. Curious especially since Button is a part of the Honda deal and Magnussen is their next Hamilton, lol. No room for Alonso until 2016 anyway.

  • Ninjamonk

    Jenson has to hope that this years car is not a Lemon, I am not sure the Honda ties are strong enough to keep him at McLaren if Alonso was on the market.

  • Ninjamonk

    by this years car I mean next years 2014 car ;)

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    just put a slow driver in the other car otherwise he will be gone pretty soon

  • Touche Turtle

    Dennis thoughs:

    If Alonso/Santander is going to pay us the 100 million fine of 2007 so welcome Alonso.


  • Tinto

    Indeed, the best whiner on the grid. Is he the one calling his team idiots? But of course talking about Multi 21 is more interesting.

    The best he can do is as a runner up and he is lucky the rest of drivers are surrogate drivers. In fact he is lucky indeed with second, he was on 9th with Renault a few years ago.

    Wish Kimi destroy this guy in 2014, sending him back to karting, more of a samurai thing.

  • Kimi4WDC


    I think it’s a nice dream you have there :)

    Button Honda link always been a wishful thinking. Honda or McLaren will pick Alonso over Button any day.

  • StevetheGreat

    Keep dreaming kimi. I agree it would be logical but f1 is money and politics. ;). Try not to look shocked when Mclaren announce Brawn just before the honda engines come in.