Alonso: Raikkonen speaks very little and is more isolated, we will miss Massa

Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso will be teammates in 2014

Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso will be teammates in 2014

Ferrari is likely to miss Williams-bound Felipe Massa, according to Fernando Alonso, the Brazilian’s teammate of the last four seasons. The Spaniard  is wary of  his new teammate, famously a man of few words, Kimi Raikkonen.

For 2014, after a period in which  Alonso was regarded as the clear number 1 at Maranello, the Italian team has signed up its previous World Champion, Kimi Raikkonen, to replace Massa.

Alonso, who said that he counts Massa among his few friends on the Formula 1 grid, pushed to keep the 32-year-old on board, but ultimately must now face the prospect of working alongside the famously cool and odd Finn.

“Definitely Felipe was a hard worker,” Alonso told Brazil’s Totalrace. “He works day and night for the team to improve the car’s performance.”

Fernando Alonso with  Felipe Massa

Fernando Alonso with Felipe Massa

“I don’t know Kimi, but the reports say that he speaks very little and is a bit more isolated. So I think that Ferrari could miss [Massa],” said Alonso.

However, Alonso played down the prospect that a bad working relationship between himself and Raikkonen – like the one between former Red Bull duo Sebastian Vettel and the retiring Mark Webber – will hurt Ferrari.

“What we have to do now is focus on making a good car in the winter,” he insisted.

“If it’s good, like the Red Bull, it doesn’t matter if there’s ‘Multi-21′, ‘Multi-35′ or anything like that, because the atmosphere in the team will be great,” Alonso added. (GMM)

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  • lawl

    yeah you will miss massa coz he had to let you pass. Already starting your 1diotic mind games against Kimi? poor guy.

  • Jaw

    I cant wait this duo… who will be more talking than winning…?

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Yes Alonso prefers to a shouting Massa who still moves over to a silent Raikkonen who turns of his radio and gives him a shit.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @lawl Yeah because Kimi was never told to pull over for Grosjean. Except he was…

  • Tamburello_1994

    From the sound of that interview I’m wondering now if Fernando has ever actually had a conversation with Kimi?

    Maybe someone should introduce these two . . .

  • LOl

    Yeah just look at 2007 when McLaren had the best car and Alonso and Hamilton got on just fine and the atmosphere in the team was great.


  • stoner

    Lol, alonslow is already showing signs that he is worried about being beaten up by Kimi on track.

  • McLarenfan

    He sounds worried. A, Massa did all the developing of the car while he sat on his ass. B, Kimi worries him as he can’t get in his head. C, Kimi will not bow down and move over.


    “Alonso, who said that he counts Massa among his few friends on the Formula 1 grid.”

    With friends like these, who needs enemies?

  • k-15-

    U here to Skype or to Race?

  • Hugo

    - So Kimi, what do you think about Alonso’s comments? He sounded a bit worried about how he’d get along with you, compared to his friend Massa.
    – I don’t care what he thinks.

  • Lars

    When Alonso, Kimi and Sebastian freshen up before podium who does the talk and who doesn’t.

  • stoner

    Alonslow is better at Skype, Twitter plus mind games and politics

  • captain tortuga

    @Hugo :

    True story! :)

  • sebolonso

    Who are we, Fernando refers too. Is it himself and the famous twin brother, who will drive his car next season:).

  • matthew

    Oh please alonso knows kimi. He knows kimi is an asshole, but was too polite to say it. ferrari is looking good for 2014! I still stand by my prediction that alonso will finish the season 25 points ahead of kimi. (I’m tired of saying this, but I am a fan of both, so don’t say im a hater.) they will be 2nd and 3rd in the drivers championship unless theres a huge surprise from mclaren or mercedes.

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    A great line up. Alonso & Raikkonen and Hulkenberg & Perez. Strong line ups

  • Butterfly

    My, oh my! Look at the troll harvest here.

    So, you guys are worried about what the bull fighter will do to the Kimi? Don’t be, it’s going to be a great year for one of these two drivers.

    Kimi is toast, but I wonder what will you trolls find as an excuse for him. Will it be his age? Or maybe the fact he’s not in shape? I bet it will be Ferrari sabotaging his car. Can’t wait to read that.

    Regardless, Ferrari are going to wish they kept Felipe. He was betterr at in-season development, he was cheaper to hire, and just as fast.

  • meshach

    Can’t wait for Kimi to destroy Fernando and silence all critics yet again!! :)

  • the fan

    so whats the connection of alonso saying they will miss massa and kimi is isolated to being afraid of his new team mate?

  • Jules

    Alonso will destroy Kimi at Ferrari. Kimi is likely to lose motivation by mid season coz Alonso will be whipping his ass.

  • StevetheGreat

    Alonso already getting his list of excuses ready! Can’t wait to see him bested by a driver they sacked 5 yrs ago, lol. Maybe the tifosi will finally call for Luca’s head!!!!

  • fools

    tell me how he is making excuses you scum bag troll.

    I have said many times. Bringing Kimi back to Ferrari will help with there points and Constructors Championship. This WILL only Push Alonso to be even better then he already is. Epic.

  • fools


    get off hit nutts bro…You been sucking dick to long

  • The Pessimist

    Yes! Fernando you’re right, Kimi talks less but hey don’t go by his personality,he’s a bloody quick guy and would never let you to pass him as the weak minded Massa used to do whenever he saw your car in the rear mirrors, better improve else you are in for a huge shock dude or better still, start negotiations with Mclaren for 2015.

  • Butterfly

    I hope once it becomes clear that Kimi can’t match Fernando – just like Massa couldn’t – people will start thinking that maybe Felipe really is a top driver and stop making up excuses about the accident and what not.

  • Nemo Nobody


    Here, take some salt and pepper to season that shit. Bon Appetit!

  • StevetheGreat

    Once a fool always a fool. ;).

    Alonso is the king of excuses and trash-talk. Get the bicycle team ready because after he’s done having tantrums about getting beat by a teamie who does zero simulator and setup work and Vettel again driving off with the title he’ll have to retire or go back to “Lotus” aka Renault with his tail between his legs and head down. Again. Only this time Flavio won’t be there to ensure preferential treatment and to help the cheating spaniard.

    Plus his woman has the body of a ten yr old boy.

  • matthew

    @stevethegreat were you molested by a random spaniard who just happened to be named alonso? Seriously, you have issues. And as for the out of place comment about his woman… I assume you were 10 years old when you were molested by said spaniard.

  • haha

    Yeah yeah Fernando, you talk too much. Not worthy of a samurai :D. To us Tifosi he still is our favourite and our last champ, live with it or go to Mclaren, we don’t need hypocrits and definetely no cheater!

  • haha

    Yeah yeah Fernando, you talk too much. Not worthy of a samurai :D. To us Tifosi he still is our favourite and our last champ, live with it or go to Mclaren, we don’t need hypocrits and definetely no cheater

  • LOL

    @matthew you sir are a comedic genius!

  • Butterfly


    And I suppose you have the body of a real woman?

  • matthew

    @butterfly He probably has bigger tits then a lot of women!

  • stoner

    Alonso goes to McLaren in 2015 with McLaren protege Kevin Magnusson as teammate, then a repeat of 2007 :-D

  • Sujith

    This article is about what Kimi offers in terms of development. This is not an article to show who is the better racer! To clear things up with dillusional people here…..They all said that Montoya would wipe the floor with Kimi when he moved to McLaren… we all saw how that went. Instead of shouting non-sense just look at who is accepting the challenge on taking on a proven world champ and see who’s still moaning about missing Massa holding his back for him!!

    What Alonso said is true. Kimi does not speak much. But what he does speak is enough feedback for engineers to get things done. Not my words, it is Domenicali’s

  • Touche Turtle

    Poor Alonso… You are going to miss Massa not Ferrari. Kimi won’t accept to let you pass.

    Kimi is not going to talk to you. You are not going to use your psychological games. Poor, poor, poor Alonso.

    I can see the trolls excuse: Ferrari was sabotaging Alonso’s car because his words against the Scuderia. So that’s why he is moving to McLaren.

    Can’t wait to read that.

  • O’Ferrari

    @Douche Turtle

    Who’s offering excuses?

    Kimi will do his usual lacklustre cruise and collect trick. He will have a few great races and then a few bad ones.

    Remember that grosjean ans massa both showed him up.

    It will be interesting to see what he will do when he finally gets a competitive team mate.

  • LOL

    Touche Turtle is just stevethegreat posting his uninformed bs. He must be embarrassed about @butterflys or @matthews ownage of him.

  • O’Ferrari

    Awwwwwww, that’s sad. Poor little douche.

  • the fan

    its really funny to see a lot of anti alonso blurting out so much hate for the man most drivers, most team managers, most press people call the most complete driver on the grid. people just cant handle the simple truth that despite 4 world titles, vettel just cant be recognize as the best in the field today. must be really hurting for those fanboys

  • StevetheGreat

    Hey if you Alonso fanboys like skinny skanks with no breasts or rearends, more power to you. Means there are mire real women for the rest of us. Say what you like, but Fred has no chance against Kimi and only a fool thinks otherwise. Odds don’t lie.

  • wtf

    WTF how old is everyone here because you all sound like a bunch of 15year old girls name calling and bagging each other and the drivers…. keep trying to come up with the biggest flame you sad little school girls… you all need to grow up

    On another note, Kimi and Alonso sure will have an interesting year but we can only see who will best the other driver when they start racing next year….my money is on Alonso even though I dont rate him much as a person, but as a driver he is a sensational fighter and first lap king as well as the most complete and consistent driver on the grid…
    Kimi has to many ups and downs races and loses motivation to easy, but when he is on, he is un beatable so I can not wait to see how this season turns out……

  • O’Ferrari

    Accurate comment, wtf.

  • Jules

    It is interesting to see so many Kimi fans on here. The fact is Alonso beat Kimi this season in a car that is clearly not as fast as the Lotus. In fact, Alonso has beaten Kimi throughout his career except when he lost to the WDC to Kimi by just 1 point and that was only because McL screwed up an allowed a rookie to take points off Alonso.

    Kimi is no doubt a top driver and quick, but he isn’t on the same level as Alonso. Kimi ‘s quirky personality seems to attract alot of fans, but as an individual, he appears to be a weird guy and hard to manage as a driver.

    I’ve said this before, Alonso will out drive Kimi by mid season in 2014 . Kimi will just push Alonso to be an even better driver. Kimi will need to get used to the car and also to is new engineer. That will set him back a couple or races. So Alonso will have some advantage over Kimi and at this level of F1, the slight advantage is worth a couple of places on the grid.

  • jl

    What make kimi special is, he is imune with all politics or mind games. He only drive and do not play dumb trick. Even lotus play can not hurt kimi. Alonso will win with his mind games? Think again.

  • Badman Jose

    Well guys get ready for a repeat of 2007. Alonzo will jump ship again. Kimi is not Massa, Alonzo will up his game. I don’t think for
    one second Kimi will play second fiddle to Alonzo. Alonzo He was no match for Hamilton. The same will happen 2014. Pretty sure Kimi knew what was going on at Red Bull. The car was using ‘traction control’, was completely illegal. Another F1 outrage . Cover up in place, I truly think the truth will come to the surface.
    Kimi turned down RB offer and joined Ferrari. MR Cool will
    end up as #1 driver at big Red.


  • Tinto

    Poor Felipe, he brought Ferrari closer to a championship, one point only, than ever Alonso did for Ferrari. An accident free Masa would have shown Alonso’s real place.

    Funny thing his expo in Madrid, no glory for 7 years so the only thing he could do is blowing his dried horn.

  • AlonsoFan

    Both of them are Top-drivers and have the ability to win races from lowly qualifying positions and Overtake alot unlike a few others unlike I dont know,our current World Champion!
    Both are super-competitive and well above the age of spoiled brats and tantrums and probably have alot of Cojones to be in the same team!
    But Alonso’s race-craft is mighty thankfully and especially in the openning stints he is mega MA.interesting times coming …IMHO the problems will arise if Ferrari has a good enough car to be fighting for top positions And No one will notice the inter team battles if they are not fighting for top positions!

  • AlonsoFan

    Forza Ferrari, Forza Fernando, Forza KIMI :)

  • Tinto

    @AlonsoFan: Why not watching youtube with our champion passing like a rocket any driver, see Abu Dhabi and Brazil 2012. The two events and Multi 21 are one of the best racing episodes in F1.

    If that is not enough for you, then watch Alonso and Lewis being kept behind by Perez and Gutirez in the last races, one of the most funny episodes in F1 ever.

  • F1 Neutral.

    Vettel hasnt learned how to overtake cars neatly Hungary 2013, Abu Dhabi 2012, Brazill 2012 and his whole career he hasn’t won a race while starting from below P3 and this year he couldnt even make it to the podium while starting from below P3, let alone win races!

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    F1 Neutral, you are the biggest idiot of all commenters, the most ignorant F1 watcher of of all times.

    All overtakes 2012
    1. Sebastian Vettel – 74 on-track overtakes
    1. Mark Webber – 74
    3. Felipe Massa – 65
    4. Lewis Hamilton – 55
    4. Romain Grosjean – 55

    All overtakes, without backmarkers 2012
    Disgarding the overtakes on the teams of HRT, Marussia and Caterham
    1. Sebastian Vettel – 51 on-track overtakes
    2. Lewis Hamilton – 46
    2. Mark Webber – 46
    4. Felipe Massa – 45
    5. Jenson Button – 41

  • fools

    tinto needs to get laid

  • Greg

    Alonso is doing his usual trash talking. Nice way to start with a new team mate! He only likes guys he can beat..
    Why woulld Mclaren take him back after he cost them $100 million??
    He’s been locked in the simulator 18hrs a day …
    I hope Kimi does what Lewis did!!!!

  • Butterfly


    I’m sorry, I thought McLaren’s engineers got that data from Ferrari engineers. Did Fernando steal the data himself?

    I believe Ron called Max Mosley to tell him personally about the data and that’s how the FIA found out.

  • matthew

    @butterfly, the FIA found out after mclaren brought the stolen data to a print shop. The owner noticed it was ferrari data, looked up the customers name, and found out he worked for mclaren. ( I can’t seem to remember who the employee was, but it was somebody pretty high up the ladder.) The owner called ferrari, then the chaos ensued. I have the article on my bookshelf somewhere, if I find it I will repost with more specific details.

  • racecarsue

    The had to change the car number assignment rule because Ferrari couldn’t publicly assign a preference, lol. Who is 3 and who is 4??

  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    Ferrari Championships:

    Kimi – 1
    Alonso – 0


  • Bruce

    Kimi may have the last Chapionship but it wasn’t Alonso who lost the tittle in 2010 it was Ferrari calling for a pit stop so he could be where Mark Webber was in 16’th place when Alonso was in 4’th where he could have won but some A-hole called him in don’t even let me get started about 2012.

  • LOL

    Everyone keeps neglecting to mention how thoroughly alonso stomped kimi despite having a slower car! No one can truthfully say alonso didn’t outperform kimi this year, it was a brutal beating! Alonso beat kimi 10 times in 2013, not counting the races kimi refused to race in!