Webber: Lewis is handy but not quite as much as Fernando and Sebastian

Mark Webber shares his final F1 podium in Brazil with Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso

Mark Webber shares his final F1 podium in Brazil with Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso

Lewis Hamilton is not quite a match for Formula 1’s top drivers Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso according to Mark Webber, who after retiring from Formula 1 has already moved on to his next challenge, testing his 2014 Le Mans car and being officially unveiled as Porsche’s lead driver.

But when asked to name the pick of the Formula 1 field, veteran Webber hovered between his friend Fernando Alonso, and his former Red Bull teammate Vettel.

“On Sundays Fernando over two hours is a handful,” Webber told the BBC. “There is no question about that. Over one lap I think he’s not with Seb. But on Sundays between those two it’s very, very tight.”

Mark Webber with Lewis Hamilton

Mark Webber with Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes‘ Hamilton, Webber added, comes next.

“Lewis is handy but probably not quite as much of a machine as those two are. [Vettel and Alonso] are literally ‘plug them in and off they go’.”

But while Webber struggles to choose between Alonso and Vettel, he thinks Formula 1’s reigning quadruple World Champion remains the favourite for 2014 spoils – even with the regulations changing so dramatically.

“It’s an engine category next year more than probably a car-aerodynamic category, which is probably not a bad thing for some people,” he said.

“But there will also still be decent driver input, especially from a brainpower perspective in terms of pacing and managing and all the technology the cars are going to have next year, which will help Sebastian,” added Webber. “That’s right up his alley. Perfect for him.” (GMM)

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  • Nostromo

    Alonso: The most OVERRATED driver in history of F1 !!

  • O’Ferrari


    Bitter much? What a wanker!

  • Bub

    I went to Monza once, and seeing as it was Monza, I was hoping for a Ferrari / Alonso win.

    Who won? Lewis.

  • O’Ferrari

    Nostromo went to Monza once. He wanted to catch a glimpse of vettel but all he caught was herpes from helmut marko.

  • Bub

    I remember that there was this annoying guy standing in the viewing area at the inside of Parabolica. He had a shiny metal helment and a loud hailer…..

  • O’Ferrari


  • the fan

    well as always, those who dont understand the sport will call alonso an overated driver. reality is drivers and team owners/managers themselves admit alonso is a top rated driver. you couldnt get any clearer than that especially if those who call him overated are just plain normal people who just watch on tv. drivers are the best proof of another racer’s ability, thats not hard to realize.

  • ability vs machinery

    I wonder where does Webber rate himself then. Was he even voted in the top ten by team principles???????????

    Lewis ended 4th in championships because of the car and bad performances by Mclaren pit crew.
    last year Lewis was robbed of 3 race wins and a few good finishings because of car failure and pit crew blunders. oh and the lost pole in spain with slight underfueling.
    He would have fitting Vettle to the wire for the championship.
    Hulk also took him out in the last race in brazil. we talking easily about 100 plus points here.
    would Webber be making the same comment then.

  • GoldLeaf

    He’s only offering an opinion, and that’s all it is. The three of them seem darned close on the track, and only Lewis and Fred have been on the same team with equal equipment at the same time. Webber can certainly use statistics to bolster his argument because Lewis lags behind in total wins and championships. Given that disparity, Webber’s comment that Lewis is not quite as “handy” is hardly damning and also hard to argue with. I think well of Hamilton and am not a hater, just a realist.

  • StevetheGreat

    Lol, i didn’t realize one could make such judgememts from seeing the back of the cars!

    Webber needs to look at his laughable stats before making such comments! He’s never even been in the same league!

  • Tinto

    Sebastian’s foe and Fernando’s friend, the truth is not the same

  • realf1fan

    Webber talking rectal gas. How can you compare Vettel to any of the top drivers when the guy has been driving the best cars since 2009 as for Alonso he is a all-round better driver than Lewis but on his day when Lewis is at his best he is the best.

    Webber has been driving a WDC challenging Newey slingshot since 2009 and only has only 9 gp wiins to show for it and has never come runner up behind Vettel in a championship season even though he has had the best car along with his teammate.

  • StevetheGreat

    Some realf1fan you are, lol. Monza in a Toro Rosso.

    Vettel has been a F1 Legend since BMW Sauber at Indy and has proved it time and again. Even the team principals agree.

    Accept it.


  • Boycotthehaters

    “How can you compare Vettel to any of the top drivers when the guy has been driving the best cars since 2009″

    It only looks like “the best car” because Vettel has been driving it. He makes every car he drives look better, even the Toro Rosso. Which is why Ferrari are hoping to sign him in another year or two.

  • O’Ferrari


  • stoner

    Although i am no Vettel fan, after his Friday testing for BMW Sauber everyone was stunned to see Vettel at his the first time in an F1 cars be the fastest that Friday beating everyone including MSC and rest of the field to top the time sheet. Alonso comes nowhere close.

  • Tinto

    Realf1fan: You have made your point, Mark the same, is he more knowledgeble? Don’t know but I give credit to somebody that talks nicely about his nemesis.

  • Badman Jose

    For this old Dog Lewis is #1… Webber’s views is just warm
    Dog biscuits, mix with noise.


  • realf1fan

    Its funny how Lewis destroyed Vettel in similar spec cars in 2005 something we have not seen in F1 since either Lewis or Vettel has had better cars to each otheer never the same . And Lewis has proved that in the same car he will beat 2xwdc or the 2009 wdc twice or the slayer of the 7xwdc even when trying to get to grips with the 1 lap wonder car.

    It is Adrian Newey and Bob Marshall who has made Vettel loolk better than he really is.

    And as for those who say they give credit to those who would say nice things about his/her nemesis, please wake up and smell the coffee when you have been slaughtered by your team-mate how else to give yourself a bit of credibility than to big up the the drive the driver who has emmbareesed you since 2010.

    Jose is that you who use to post on crash. If so your friend Taipan the terror still bullying those who is pro Lewis.

  • F1 Fan For A Long Time

    I think that Webber could have picked his words a little better.
    No doubt that on his day, Lewis is a phenomenal talent. I’ve really enjoyed some of the “classic” re-runs on Sky F1 from 2007 – Lewis was awesome then. We haven’t really seen much of the old Lewis for a while. His head always appears to be elsewhere, be it Nicole, his rap ‘buddies’ or his dog.

    As for Vettel vs Alonso. Yawn. Even though Michael had a very decent car in 02 and 04, we remember his drives in the Ferrari, especially 1996, and that’s what gives him credibility.

    Looking at the early race results of ’12 and ’13, the Redbull wasn’t the strongest package out there but Seb seemed to get the best points available, be it 3rd or 4th.

    Ultimately, we all know that we need to see him extract speed from a car that doesn’t seem to have it. No doubt he will do that in years to come. He’s frighteningly good but will only get the respect once he leaves the team.

  • farizY


    YES,we get it, you are all over Lewis. Shut up already.

  • realf1fan

    He’s frighteningly good but will only get the respect once he leaves the team.


    Or faces Alonso, Hamilton or Kimi in a Red Bull machine. which Marko or Honer wont allow for fear of not being able to control battles that would be epic and maybe see Vettel finishing behind one of the mentioned drivers.

    fariz, up yours.

  • Sam

    Most top drivers are more or less equally talented when it comes to racing on the track. No doubt they are all outstanding.
    Viewers have to consider circumstances that has an impact on the results. Those outstanding humans are sensitive to car performance & team input, psychological emotions & mental optimism , physical fluctuations mood & strength, environmental conditions, unforeseen forces & ofcourse luck. Ofcourse this is applicable to most sports & its not easy. So haters, stop destroying the image of those drivers. There are many stupied people who would simply believe you.

  • matthew

    Webber would know better than the rest of us, and we all know he is honest. Seb and alonso are easily the top 2 drivers in f1 now, I’m not so sure about hamilton at #3, it’s a tough call between him and kimi. I feel like grosjean could be a top driver very soon if he keeps performing the way he has been, also sergio perez and hulkenburg.

  • Kimi4WDC


    Grosjean? I finally gave up on that guy after Suzuka this year, he had a great start but absolutely toothless drive. He is a fast driver who tries too hard, nothing less.

  • Kimi4WDC

    or more :)

  • O’Ferrari

    Grosjean wasted kimi in the second half if the season. He kept kept the faster red bull behind him on many occasions.

    You may not rate Grosjean, but on most recent form, you’d have to mark down kimi as well.

  • matthew

    @KIMI4WDC you are aware that grosjean crushed kimi in suzuka despite starting behind him correct? If by your standards his drive was toothless, then you have to admit kimi was a joke.

  • LOL

    I think kimi4wdc started crying after he found out the “toothless driver” beat his idol.