Raikkonen keen to secure number 7 for rest of his career

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen

Formula 1 drivers are spending the last days before Christmas coming up with the numbers they will carry for the rest of their careers at the pinnacle of the motorsport.

After the FIA kicked off the selection process, telling drivers they should name their top three picks between 2-99, it has already emerged that Force India’s Sergio Perez has plumped for number 11.

It is believed Fernando Alonso considers 14 to be his lucky number, Jean-Eric Vergne wants the iconic 27, and Nico Rosberg has asked to carry number 6, which was raced to the 1982 title by his father Keke.

Now, adding the hashtag ‘Bo77as’, Williams driver Valtteri Bottas has told his 49,000 followers on Twitter that he has put down 77 as his first choice.

Felipe Massa has nominated the number 19, but others – like new Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo – aren’t saying.

“For now I’ll keep mine quiet,” he said. “[But] it’s a beautiful thing [that] Formula 1 drivers will have freedom to choose what number they want to race from next year.”

His replacement at Toro Rosso, Daniil Kvyat, admitted: “I have been thinking all night long about my number.”

And Lotus’ Romain Grosjean added: “My 3 favourites sent to the FIA, but will keep it secret for now.”

Finland’s Ilta-Sanomat newspaper said that Kimi Raikkonen has picked the number 7 to wear on his helmet and Ferrari next year. (GMM)

Subbed by AJN.

  • O’Ferrari

    Well, 7 is his average qualifying position.

    Very apt.

    Pity Maldonado couldn’t get 666.

    Rosberg and vettel could share 69 (if they haven’t already)

  • stoner

    “Well, 7 is his average qualifying position”

    actually 7th and below on the grid is Alonslow’s home turf

  • stoner

    If you still have doubt regarding who is faster between Alonso and Kimi, ie. Number of pole positions and fastest lap of the race, just compare both their statistics.

  • Dr. Azlan

    Coming 2nd behind Red Bull and Vettel means you lose. It’s as simple as that.

  • O’Ferrari

    Hello stoner.

    Don’t be bitter. I’m sure kimi is reallt motivated to do well since Grosjean handed his a$$ to him in tge second half of the season.

    We’ve all seen how well kimi performs in a Ferrari when his team mate is fast (2008/2009).

    Go kimi!

  • stoner

    It’s better if we have this argument next year

  • matthew

    news reporter- hello kimi, will you tell us why you chose #7? Lucky # right?

    kimi- No. I like to drink 7 beers 7 days a week. It is a good # I think.

  • O’Ferrari

    Come back Mika Hakkinen. Kimi is a pale imitation. ..

  • stoner

    These scumbag douche alonso trolls are all over this forum, Matthew , O Ferrari and others who keep posting anti Kimi hate comments, looking forward to next year when alonslow and his troll minions bent their tails between the legs and run :-D

  • O’Ferrari

    Awwwwwww, c’mon sweetheart. Don’t be mad at me, stoner.

    As much as I think kimi is over rated, I would dearly love to see him lift his game next year and drive like he did a decade ago.

    Success breeds success.

  • matthew

    uh… so making a kimi drinking joke makes me a troll? I know your a huge kimi fan stoner, and you probably have a shrine to him… So stfu. I like kimi and alonso, but I know alonso is a better driver. Besides every post you write is anti alonso, so does that make you a kimi troll? It’s ok, sit down and have a drink. I can guarantee that kimis doing exactly that right now. I already have an excuse for you if kimi underperforms again… the other drivers all had an unfair weight advantage because they’re in better shape than kimi. He’s getting a little chunky in his old age.

  • O’Ferrari

    Oh snap!

  • Elie

    Matthew/ o’Ferrari (what a wank of a name)
    4 years at Ferrari and the only real no1 driver inF1 and hes done what ?- other than carry on like a spoilt 10year old.
    Di Montezemolo & Domenicali know who was Ferraris last great driver and they failed him in 09 when they gave hime a car suited to Felipe( thank MS)..Felipe has been nothing next to the driver he was in 08.

    The most naturally talented driver on the grid is getting a second bite at Ferrari when very few drivers dont even get one chance- theres a reason for it peeps. They know what he can do with getting the best out of a car. Not just sit and sulk like the whiney spaniard