McLaren big boss Dennis admits talks with Brawn

Ross Brawn with Martin Whitmarsh

Ross Brawn with Martin Whitmarsh

McLaren supremo Ron Dennis has admitted to having held talks with soon to depart Mercedes Team Principal, Ross Brawn.

Brawn has stepped down as Mercedes’ team boss, insisting he is taking a sabbatical and refusing to even think about his future until “at least next summer”.

But the 58-year-old Briton has already been strongly linked with Honda, whose works Formula 1 project he headed at Brackley until the Japanese carmaker pulled out of Formula 1 in 2008.

Honda is now returning to the sport as a supplier of engines to McLaren from 2015.

So when asked if he has talked with Brawn, McLaren chairman Dennis told the BBC: “We were having a chat and we’re mature motor racing people so of course you’re going to talk about life.

“But going beyond that, as you would expect, it’s normal stuff. People probe around, the possible, the impossible.

“My understanding is [that] he intends to take a year off,” added Dennis. “That’s my understanding of his intention.”

Brawn, on the other hand, is refusing to comment.

“It wouldn’t be fair or appropriate to say if any parties have invited me for discussions,” he said.

“I am starting my fishing trips early next year and only time will tell if Formula 1 and [I] ever get together again.” (GMM)

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  • Taskmaster

    The crack F1 press – always wrong, seldom well researched, and impossibly sensationalized. This article is a non-starter. They are not in, nor did they engage in “talks”. Brawn and Dennis had a casual chat, where it was natural for Dennis to ask “so what’s on your agenda next?” to which Brawn responded “doing a bit of worm drowning, no other plans for now”. End of story. The links to Honda eluded to are all media hype links with zero credibility or verification of any type. The title of this article and its content are complete rubbish.