Formula 1 media officers choose Vettel as 2013 driver of the year

Sebastian Vettel was the best driver of 2013 according to F1 press officers

Sebastian Vettel was the best driver of 2013 according to F1 press officers

In a snap survey of Formula 1 team media officers Sebastian Vettel has emerged as their driver of the year by an overwhelming margin, with Fernando Alonso equally comfortable in second place and Nico Hulkenberg tied with Romain Grosjean for third.

Asked to pick the top three drivers, the hard working media people responded overwhelmingly, although a couple remained politically correct and declined to participate.

The survey results are similar to the outcome of a poll conducted among Formula 1 Team Principals who also chose  quadruple World Champion Vettel as their driver of the year.

F1 Press Officers end of season team photo in Brazil - not all of them partook in the poll although most did. Thank you

F1 Press Officers end of season team photo in Brazil – not all of them took part in the poll, although most did. Thank you

A team media officer, who wished to remain annonymous, said, “Sebastian was simply on another planet from Belgium onwards where he sustained a remarkable run right to the very end. His will to win was relentless. Despite wrapping up the title long before the end of the season he continued to dominate. He was the best in 2013. Now don’t tell my boss about my choice please!”

The poll among F1 media officers was conducted by Grand Prix 247. (GP247)

Subbed by AJN.


  • Alex

    Vettel is a genius!!!

  • JodyRenza

    This was not a very difficult choice was it!It can even be 5ettel in 2014 the way Newey designs cars for Red Bull!

  • NIck

    F1 is a joke. Just turn over the tracks to Vettle and let him drive alone. Wouldn’t be any more boring. The so called cars don’t even look like cars any more. Mark made the right decision, Aussie Super Cars actually have passing and competition.

  • NIck

    Really? Driver of the year? What difference does a driver make anymore. Its been many years since a driver could make any difference in the so-called cars of F1. If you are with the currently favored brand, you win, If not you lose. makes no difference who drives.

  • O’Ferrari


  • Jack

    Check out the creepy hand on the shoulder of the Red Bull girl! Hahahaha

  • bobw

    Yawn…same old lame responses from people who don’t have a clue as to what F1 racing is all about.

  • k-15-

    Wrong people for the right job!! Eat your words next season ‘media officers’.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    easy choice

    What difference does a driver make anymore…

    Just a small difference of being 4 times champion instead of being 4 times 3rd or lower like Webber.

  • Tinto

    Neah… Seb will do the same thing, winning. Next years are his.

  • PB

    Of course they would vote that way? Why is it even newsworthy?

  • Tamburello_1994

    Now his season is complete.

  • O’Ferrari


    Say something clever for once….. if u can get yoyr dad’s cock out of your mouth.

  • NIck

    Put Vettel on a different team and watch him lose. Put any other driver on the Red Bull team and which him win. Equipment is everything these days, drivers are just tools. Boring.

  • practical

    another stick of dynamite in Hamilton’s a…ss !! lol

  • practical

    @ Nick : the same happened to Senna isn’t ? when he was at the best car , McLaren , he won 3 WDC’s ; when McLaren wasn’t the best , he just won some races and when he went to Williams he was struggling and before that with Lotus too ! so is been like that all the time , the best driver with the best car is going to win WDC’s , the best driver with not the best car is going to win some races , just like Vettel did with a Toro Rosso

  • the fan

    vettel won in a toro rosso in the rain, yes thats impressive like fisichella winning in the rain in brazil on a jordan.

  • O’Ferrari

    Or panis @ monaco in the rain.

  • the fan

    i dont doubt vettel’s ability as a driver, he is bloody fast and as someone mentioned, in a state of grace at the moment but to be honest, winning in the rain in monza in that TR was down to his ability as a driver and lots of luck. qualified P1 due to the heavy downpour, started the race with the safety car, winning with a lazy kovlainen coming 2nd… i would have thought that day was sebastian’s bday with all the luck he had that time. to be fair, his ability to hold his car in torrential conditions til the end is what im impressed with.

  • O’Ferrari

    Agreed. I was really excited that day. I knew I’d witnessed the nect big thing. Like schumacher’s debut and his second race. Or Mika’s first race (and then his first race for mclaren).