Boullier denies that he has resigned from Lotus

 Eric Boullier

Eric Boullier

Lotus was a team in turmoil throughout 2013, and although they have signed well funded Pastor Maldonado to join Romain Grosjean in the team, times remain tough which recently prompted reports that Team Principal Eric Boullier is on his way out, which the Frenchman has denied.

Boullier wrote on Twitter: “Dear followers, I have never received any offers and I have not resigned from Lotus F1. Thanks for your support.”

Lotus have been plagued with lack of funding which ultimately resulted in Kimi Raikkonen’s premature departure from the team due to no payment for his services.

Meanwhile a dubious investment deal with a consortium led by Mansoor Ijaz of Quantum Motorsport has gone awry amid reports of late payment of staff at the Enstone headquarters in the UK. (GP247)

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  • Dr. Azlan

    This time it’s Boullier who didn’t get paid.

  • captain tortuga

    Lotus a cool team, it is funny, and has legendary roots (even though those roots are more or less stolen)
    But Lotus truly deserves to have an awefull year, in which they take no points what so ever. And seeing the financial trouble, i’m betting they will not even fight for 5th in the WCC… and it serves them right.
    Any team that decides that money from a incompetent, arrogant, failure is worth more than a talented driver, deserves to be flushed to back of the grid.

    Bye Lotus! i hope will carry the red lantern next year!

  • Janjua

    Captain tortuga you are a absolute idiot, Lotus is one of the best teams and is the team that deserves to win the most. Williams deserves to struggle.

  • hehe

    hamilton fanboys like tortuga say lotus should bankrupt themselves rather than take a driver that brings money and has a race win.

    the hate is deep with them since spa 2011 and spain 2012, lol.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    I was pro Lotus until they got angry with Kimi for wanting to race for Ferrari, who have a better can and will actually pay him. They didn’t need to post an image on Twitter of two rabbits having sex. It is not Kimi’s fault he scored so many points that they couldn’t pay him.