Marko: Sutil made good choice with Sauber switch

Helmut Marko

Helmut Marko

Red Bull‘s driver consultant Helmut Marko thinks that Sauber has made a good choice by signing Adrian Sutil for 2014.

The Swiss team Sauber, who were once sponsored by Red Bull, have been a constant midfield presence on the Formula 1 grid since 1993, However, they struggled through last season with financial problems.

Nico Hulkenberg, who often shone in the increasingly-competitive 2013 Sauber, has jumped ship to Force India for 2014.

So Force India refugee Sutil, who had spent his entire grand prix career with the Silverstone based team, now replaces German Hulkenberg at Sauber.

“Sutil is a very good and experienced driver,” World Champion team Red Bull’s Marko told the German publication Sport Bild.

Marko acknowledged Sauber’s financial struggle in 2013, but insisted that the Hinwil based team remains “reputable and highly professional”.

Ex Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger agrees: “It would be a huge loss to the sport if Sauber would ever disappear from Formula 1. I fervently hope they get back to where they should be.”

Sauber said that it will announce Sutil’s teammate “at a later date”. (GMM)

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  • capt planet

    This guy never fails to amaze me with his comments.

  • Haha

    I like how Marko always upsets the weakminded everytime he farts, lol.

  • Junior Johnson

    He looks like such a nice and freindly guy im sure all the guys are wrong about him been bad. He was like a father to Vettle when Vettle had nothing and look were Vettle is today. Also Marko hired Horner and his clown Newy to build the fastest cars so you can say he is a very good team boss! Anyway he is wright to about sutil making a good choice. If he had decided to stay with Force India they prolly would have continued to treet him badly and give his teemate the best car and tires again. Like he himself said the car they gave him was driving like a carrot! Haaa haaa! Can you imagine how a carrot drives?it must be very difficult to drive if it doesint even have weels!Anyway Sauber will prolly do better next year now that they have a driver as spesialized as Sutil.I hope that Sauber build a very fast car with all of sutils media money he is bringing.My brother says that Sutel has a big suitcase of media money and sauber can now do things like improve or buy a bigger wind tunnel for example

  • stoner

    What does thus guy have to do with sutil and sauber, i guess he would have ran out of topic to rant about

  • McLarenfan

    Marko has more rabbit than Sainsburys.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @Junior Johnson, Sauber have one of the only full scale wind tunnels in F1, when the rules allowed them. Now the limit is 60% scale wind tunnels. So they are hardly going to buy a bigger one. Plus they take 2 years to build and cost $20m to $30m…

  • the fan

    first, sutil is one of the worst drivers in F1 and its bad for sauber to hire him.
    second, marko becomes a world class idiot every time he opens his mouth, he should stick to those lovely stares he does with sebastian.

  • StevetheGreat

    Sutil a carrot and i can’t see why anyone would want him in their team other than for the money he brings. A further testament to the sad state of f1.

  • PB

    Is Marko setting himself up as the replacement for Bernie?

  • O’Ferrari

    Junior Johnson is nuts. What a tool!

  • Boycottthebull

    As is a Helmut Marko endorsement is good for a drivers resume! LOL

    @PB – Marko is so much of a joke I have never even considered that possibility, having read your words the idea is out there now and Its scarier than the looks Marko gives Vettel when he wins!

  • Sujith

    I see why the Kimi Raikkonen and RedBull deal did not happen…

    Nobody wants to work with this prick