Massa keen on number 19 for the rest of his career


Felipe Massa has revealed that he wants number 19 for the rest of his career in Formula 1, as the FIA has introduced a ‘bespoke number’ system for drivers.

The Brazilian driver who moves to Williams from Ferrari for 2014, posted a mock-up of his helmet with his preferred number and wrote on Twitter: “19 is the number.”

The new number system, which has been long used in MotoGP and NASCAR, has captured the imagination of Formula 1 drivers and fans alike.

Jean Eric Vergne has indicated that number 27 would be his first choice, while Sergio Perez fancies number 11 and Valterri Bottas has designs on 77.

The FIA has reportedly requested that current drivers submit their preferred numbers for consideration by the sport’s governing body before Christmas. (GP247)

Subbed by AJN.

  • RicciardoP12014

    I hope someone like Lewis or Jenson gets the famous Nigel Mansell Red 5. Vettel will have the number 1 for sure. Someoe French (Like Grosjean) should have the Villeneuve 27 as Gilles was part French

    Something like that!!

  • Butterfly


    Well, Vettel will get the number 1 only during the years when he is champion, but that cannot be a driver’s number. Only numbers above 1 and up to 99 are allowed.

    During the WDC year, the champion may use the no1 if (s)he wants to.

  • @ButterFly

    you sir just crack me up!

  • Junior Johnson

    Only world champions get to use the 1 in there number so sorry Massa you were world champion for only 1 second so tha doesnt count.In case you didnt see filip there is a 1 in 19!
    So the guys that can use the number 1 in there number are vettle hamilton and raikkonen and alionso no body else

  • JodyRenza

    Red 5 would be better suited for Lewis (or #27) who is a “fighter” like Nigel.
    Jenson is a smoother driver ala Stewart/Prost…
    Personally I would think Alonso’s (who took #14) choice would be #27…maybe Kimi will decide between #7 and #27….but then this is a personal thing and not for me as a race fan to say!

  • michael

    @junior Johnson, you have got this completely wrong. Vettle as world champion can indeed use the number one on his car HOWEVER this does not stop anyone else using any numbers from 2 to 99 just because there is a 1 in the number i.e. 11,12, 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,21,31,41,51,61,71,81,91. Also Button is a world champion as well in case youve forgotten