Brawn says Hamilton and Rosberg can win the championship

Ross Brawn with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg

Ross Brawn with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg

Departing Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn, working his final week with the Brackley based team, is convinced that in Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg the Silver Arrows have drivers capable of winning the World Champioship.

“Each of them has what it takes to win the World Championship for Mercedes,” Brawn is quoted by German media.

“Nico overcame the challenge of Michael Schumacher, but this was not a great indicator because no one really knew at first what level Michael was during his comeback. But I think Nico’s performances against Lewis have given the people a fresh reference – he had a great year.”

Regarding Hamilton, Brawn said, “Lewis’ performance has been typical for [a] first year with a new team. He had to learn how the processes work, build relationships and we had to know each other. If you spend so long at a team, as he did [with McLaren], then you will develop your own style or get used to certain things. ”

Brawn believes that the contest between the two, self proclaimed buddies within the team, will be intriguing, “It’s a great battle, which is good for the team. Now first and foremost it’s up to Mercedes to build its two drivers a strong foundation for 2014. Thereafter they might have something to cheer about.” (GP247)

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  • Suresure

    If Vettel barely beat Rosberg like Hamilton did, everyone would claim how it proves Vettel is just average.

    Now Hamilton barely beat Rosberg, people claim Rosberg is one of the best drivers of all time, to up Hamilton. Lol.

  • steve

    But people suspected Rosberg was good before 2013, at least Hamilton has proven himself against champions. 7 full seasons in F1 vs some of the best drivers of this generation with a variety of driving styles and his record reads 6-1 and he’s never been outqualified over a season.

  • stage is set for next year

    @ Suresure did you not read what Brawn just said or do you manage the Mercedes team and know better than Brawn.
    Read it again.

    Can everybody just shut up and wait until at least mid season break in 2014 before comparing these guys.
    Brand new equip for both guys. No handicap, no team advantage.
    the stage is set.


  • Quoting Brawn

    Regarding Hamilton, Brawn said, “Lewis’ performance has been typical for first year with a new team. He had to learn how the processes work, build relationships and we had to know each other. If you spend so long at a team, as he did , then you will develop your own style or get used to certain things.


  • vincent

    well said steve, how many of the current generation of drivers can claim so.

  • vincent

    gonna be some great battles up and down the grid next year. it’s a shame redbull did not deliver to the fans what most of us wanted to see which was the current champ being taken on in his own backyard going head up,mano a mano with another world champ oh what a opportunity lost with that battle being reduced to some lame drama again. i am not a ferrari supporter but looking forward to that battle most simply because two world champs sharing same machinery what a treat.

  • matthew

    @vincent, im sure english is not your primary language. I didn’t understand the red bull point, did you mean to say that you wanted a closer race in germany?

  • Michael

    He mean that redbull should have hired a champion like Ferrari did, to give SV a challenge:-)

  • Hawk

    Unfortunately I think it’s you with a problem with the language. It’s clear what @vincent is saying

  • vincent

    @michael – correct. @hawk- cheers

  • Urko

    The same is with Raikkonen. When he moans on radio “Leave me alone…..”, he is super cool, but when Hamilton does it, he is whining;)

    Talking about Vettel, he doesn’t have to beat Rosberg to prove how good he is compared to Hamilton…Just take a look few years back. Let say 2009, when it was Vettel’ year at RBR, & webber allready been there for few years. At the end of the year there also wasn’t big difference between them. In 2010 the difference was even smaller (before the last race Webber even led in points), despite the fact it was Vettel’ 2.nd year at RBR. Only later (esp. in 2011 &2013), when it was all about blown diffuser, Vettel stepped up. And don’t foget, from the year at RBR it was Vettel who was their golden boy.
    And if RBR were so confident in Vettel’ superiority, they would sign Raikkonen as his teammate, or even Alonso who was knocking at their doors.

  • Suresure

    Urko, 2009 and 2010 was ‘close’ because Vettel lost way more points than Webber because of mechanical problems. In 2010 Vettel lost around 65 points because of mechanical problems, Webber lost around 16 points. Alons lost around 24 points so 2010 was only close because of Vettel’s car being even more unreliable than the backmarkers.

    Webber was never anywhere close to Vettel except only beating him 4-5 races with everything even… over what, 80-90 races together?

    While Hamilton was beaten by Button over a season and also over 3 seasons combined and now Rosberg is pretty much matching Hamilton in qualifying and race. Alonso was being beaten by Trulli when he was sacked.

    Hamilton is overrated. He had a hard time winning the title against Massa of all people. I mean how embarrassing is that?

    steve, the only ones claiming Rosberg is amazing are Hamilton fanboys, that is a fact. Last year the same Hamilton fanboys were saying how Schumacher was being beaten by an average driver like Rosberg…lol. Go read the comments around that time on this site and other sites and see the hypocrisy ;)

    Only when it was known that Hamilton was going to drive for Mercedes you guys changed your tone and suddenly Rosberg was the next Senna.

  • Urko

    @suresure, looks like you allways see only what you want to see.
    Talking about mechanical dnf’s, you must be joking. I tkink we all know who had the most of them. Especialy in Vettel – Webber case. The same was with Hamiltons last year. You can only thank McLaren’s inability for another Vettel’ trophy.
    And yes, i will repeat once more, bcs I know it hurts you. If RBR were so damn confident in Vettel’s superiority, they would put Raikkonen or Alonso as his teammates. And we all know it was Vettel’ will not to pick them. All of top drivers (Alonso, Raikoonen & Hamilton) allready had strong teammates & they have no problem being Vettel’ teammates, except Vettel. That speaks for itself (same with Schumacher). Who would ever thing that any German wolud ever had such a problem confronting

    And if you would have read any of my comments at this portal you would have known that I am quite critical of Hamilton, Because I’m not one of those fans who almost fall in love with their idol, and they see only what they want to see (remember, love is blind).

    Looks like Vettel’ childish outages at wining perfectly reflect his fans caracters. Next time just write how old you are, and I won’t even bother with you.

    PS: And I didn’t use any smiley, cos I know that when people use them, they actually feel quite the opposite.

  • Urko

    …….and yes, you are right! Vettel really had a lot of “mechanical” dnf’, especialy in 2010. The one I remember the most is from Istanbul 2010. (no smileys))))

  • gilgen

    urko. RBR wanted Kimi. It was Kimi who turned down their offer.

  • Hawk

    Ok ok Button is better than Hamilton, right? And surely if Lauda had a chance it’s Button they wanted!

    FYI no Hamilton fan has called Rosberg average. Why? Because we know Rosberg and Hamilton competed favourably in the junior ranks => Rosberg joining F1 much earlier. If you can’t differentiate Hamilton fans from Schumi haters shut up.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @gilgen, Kimi actually said Red Bull didn’t want him you liar.

  • Hawk

    Horner and Newey wanted Kimi but not the almighty Marko. And who has DMs ear?

  • vincent

    suresure- in case no one ever informed you seasons are not combined they are decided over a year so 2/1 to hamilton. tired of hearing this crap first rolled out by whitmarsh to save face then eagerly picked up by jensons dinner mates in the english press.

  • Badman Jose

    My cards are on the table for next season..

    WDC Lewis Hamilton.. Mercedes
    NBA champ Lavern James..Miami Heat

    How sweet it is..


  • O’Ferrari

    My money is on Maldonado doing something stupid.

    Any takers?

  • realf1fan

    Ross Brawn is right when he says Lewis had to learn about his new team but to finish above the man that destroyed Schumacher in his first season at the Silver arrows is just epic i believe a focused Lewis will beat any driver in any era in the same car that includes the likes of Clark,Senna Vettel he has already done Alonso , Nico though for me is the best German on the grid.

  • matthew

    @vincent, im sorry I didn’t understand your point, I must have been tired.