Maldonado expects Massa to have a good season at Williams

Felipe Massa to replace Pastor Maldonado at Williams

Felipe Massa to replace Pastor Maldonado at Williams

Despite his own eagerness to leave Williams, Pastor Maldonado thinks that Felipe Massa’s move to his former team is a good move.

Venezuelan Maldonado, who is moving his lucrative PDVSA backing to Lotus for 2014, ended his three-year stint at Williams in a bad mood, bemoaning the uncompetitive car and accusing the team of sabotage.

But the 28-year-old, who won the Spanish Grand Prix from pole last year, thinks that Williams is the right place for Massa, who lost his Ferrari seat to Kimi Raikkonen for 2014.

“I spoke with Felipe and I think [that] he made the right decision,” Maldonado told Brazil’s Totalrace.

“First, just for the change,” he said, “as he was not achieving success with Ferrari in the last years. It is also true that Williams has gone many years without major success, but I think the team can start to regain its position of the past.”

“I’m not saying to win, but to be constantly in the points and performing at the level of Sauber and the other middle teams. Felipe is a good driver, and Williams is a good team. I see no reason why they shouldn’t [have] a good season,” added Maldonado. (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    WOW Crashtor Malfunctionardo has an opinion about Felipe Massa’s choice I am sure the whole world needs to know his views as he is so rational and informed.
    Felipe Massa 11 F1 wins podiums 36 World champion for the time it took Lewis to make his overtake 2 corners from the flag.
    I think at the end of the day Felipe has all the ingredients to still win races once the team and he get together and start the information flow between drivers and engineers Pat gets his thinking head on we should see a real up turn at Williams it might not be blistering pace as all the teams have a fuel starved 1.6 turbo with a couple of AA batteries powering the toaster as per FIA directive.

  • captain tortuga

    LOl@McL-fan :D

  • the fan

    well he talks that he’s the reason why williams have been not winning. its a good thing there’s still some sort of honesty from this idiot

  • Texas Roadhouse

    What a condescending fool he is. Massa’s achievements in F1 are on a wholly different level to Maldonado’s.

  • Peter Clarke

    I think F1 has lost all its worth….boring, premadonna little rich boys. Gone are the real racing drivers.
    Maldonado is a classic example.
    I hope Massa does well at Williams. They deserve it and so does he.

  • McLarenfan

    @captain tortuga; great minds think alike.
    What this berk hasn’t got through his incredibly thick head is Williams would have been able to carry on developing the car Rubens Barrichello helped develop, that is the same car Crashtor Malfunctionardo got his 1st pole, his first podium and his only win with in F1. But the reason they were unable to pursue such developments is they had to keep producing spare parts and this left no time, resources or money to make any development wings side pods or other downforce producing changes. so yes he is the reason for Williams going backwards LOTUS BEWARE.

  • Crash test dummie

    He is useful for crash tests though. I’m sure the FIA were funding him..

  • O’Ferrari

    He looks a bit inbred. No joke, check out that head!