Webber has first Porsche prototype test in Portugal

Mark Webber in the Porsch prototype

Mark Webber in the Porsche Le Mans prototype

Formula 1 veteran Mark Webber has gotten his Le Mans career off to an early start, testing Porsche’s new Le Mans prototype at the Algarve circuit in Portugal.

Testing the car in camouflaged livery, the newly-retired Formula 1 driver said driving the Porsche scarcely two weeks after his final grand prix in Brazil was “an intense experience”.

“I would like to thank Red Bull for giving me the chance to join the project so early,” said the 37-year-old, who will continue to be sponsored by the energy drink company for whom he raced in Formula 1 for seven years.

“We have a long way to go and it involves a lot of hard work,” Webber said of the Porsche project. “I have no misconceptions about this.” (GMM)

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  • jeff

    I’m a little befuddeled here.He is still keeping his ties with RB. AUSTRIA AUSTRALIA STUTTGART WILLIAMS JAGUAR. Something
    Is going on.. They treated Mark horribly. Why? He needs to get away from them. Yea big team lotsa money. Flash in the pan. They won’t last they make soft drinks There no joke but there done. I got a tap on Corners call to VW What a sellout.

  • Boycottthebull

    Jeff, They simply dont want Webber spilling the beans or writing a tell all book. They are keeping him sponsored under their wing to keep his silence.

  • jeff

    Boycotthebull I still don’t get it. I understand RBRacings position here. But the way they have treated him I would think he would have some satisfaction in blowing the lid off this thing.

  • matthew

    @jeff 4 championships in a row is not a flash in the pan. I agree that they should have treated mark better, but lets be honest… He just isn’t anywhere near as talented as vettel. he was beaten by other drivers in significantly slower cars repeatedly. I like mark a lot, but its true.

  • Uh

    Mark got treated better than Mark treated RBR.

    A backstabbing, lying, British media/public pet. Good riddance.

    His words at 2009 Brazil to the BBC: “Rather help Button win the title than Vettel”. That is where it all started. If it wasnt for the dumb emotional decisions by Dietrich because he is friends with Mark, he would have been gone right after those words if he was in any other team.

    Help the driver of your rival team rather than your own team to win the title? What? And that wasnt the first time he backstabbed.

  • cheqflag

    I would buy his book if he writes one and I’m sure many other would too..very interesting read..as fans we would probably only know 5% of what has been going on in RBR..must feel strange for him having a roof and doors now!

  • Tim

    because everything mark says is the absolute truth of course.

    you british lot that see this aussie as their fave pet are comical.

  • Peter

    He goes by an alias : Wayne Kerr