Lotus requests 1 week delay of first 2014 Formula 1 test at Jerez

F1 Testing in Jerez - Day Three

Lotus has requested that the first official test of the 2014 preseason, at Jerez late in January, be postponed for a week.

Speed Week correspondent, Mathias Brunner, reports that the financially-struggling Enstone based team asked for the postponement early this week at the Formula 1 Commission meeting in Paris.

It was already known that, despite every team being invited to test next year’s Pirelli tyres with 2013 cars next week in Bahrain, Lotus was not among those who took up the offer.

Now, it has emerged that the black and gold-liveried team is struggling to be ready for the start of official 2014 testing, when the turbo V6 engines are set to run for the very first time.

Brunner quoted an unnamed team boss as saying: “Everyone knew the date for Jerez, and everyone made their plans accordingly. If someone is not ready, that is not anyone else’s problem.”

Speed Week said that another team figure rated the chance of a postponement at Lotus’ request at just 30 per cent.

Meanwhile, although the FIA said this week that Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, Toro Rosso, Force India and McLaren will all test Pirelli’s 2014 tyres next week, it appears that the latter two teams will in fact not be in Bahrain.

A McLaren spokesperson confirmed the news. (GMM)

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  • F.I.A.

    The answer is NO!!!

    All teams were given enough time to prepare. Why did you not prepare. You’ll just have to skip the test. plain and simple.

  • LOL

    The Maddonado effect even before testing started….LOL

  • From Inside

    So much venom from the armchair experts!

  • Mercedes supporter forever

    I disagree with their request.. They wanted to prepare late, that’s their problem..

  • McLarenfan

    Its the extra parts they need for Crashtor Malfunctionardo to do the tests that is the problem mass production of parts wasn’t an initial thought with new investors Quantum Motorsport but as chairman Mansoor Ijaz and his bags of cash for The Hulk were pushed aside for Crashtor Malfunctionardo parts became a testing issue Lotus need enough parts to rebuild Crashtor’s car from the chassis up a minimum of 3 times in 1 1/2 days.

  • RobD

    It’s really hard to take a team serious after they beleived Mansoor Ijaz actually had any intention of investing money in their team. What a bunch of clowns there must be running Lotus F1 these days. So sad that Romain has to drive for this team when he is more talented than 3/4ths of the F1 feild.

  • rvsp

    Its like “mr. prof can i submit my assignments tomorrow please please”

  • ~~~THE REAL ERIC BOULLIER!!!1111~~~

    Mansoor Ijaz has assured me that his influence with the World Motorsport Council, FIA, and the United Nations will “99.9% guarantee” a 1-week test extension for Lotus F1 and Unnamed Saudi Family Interests Hedge Fund Scamanagement to finish the necessary Western Union transfer to provide for Lotus F1 2014 budget. I have complete Christian Good Faith assurances that this will take place on December 17th next.

    Once this process is complete, ownership transfer of London Bridge can begin.

  • StevetheGreat

    Lol too poor to keep up! Piss on “lotus”!

  • matthew

    uh oh…. did crashtor wreck the 2014 lotus while backing it out of the garage?

  • captain tortuga

    Lotus.. The new HRT… xD

  • Eevel

    LotusF1 – from serious contenders to paddock joke within the space of one year.

  • Himanshu

    FIA should consider what LOTUS says and should arrange first test one week EARLY….LOL…Lotus pack your bags and Leave F1 if u cannot keep up with what others are doing….This is the pinnacle of motorsport….

  • Kimi4WDC

    Lotus pulling “a Quantum” on FIA :)

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Just leave lotus your fanbase will drop by the first 3 races next year. Romain deserves better than you. The FIA should make the first test 1 week earlier than planned just to make lotus go bonkers.