Di Resta: I recorded Hamilton because I was trying to find out what was going on

Paul di Resta was on the receiving end in court

Paul di Resta was on the receiving end in court

Paul Di Resta has claimed that an F1 driver/manager association is even closer than relationships between families and even girlfriends, while the lawyer representing Anthony Hamilton has accused the Force India F1 driver of entrapping his former manager by illegally recording a phone conversation.

The allegations and counter allegations were made during the second week of the court case where Hamilton senior is suing Di Resta for wrongful dismissal and loss of earnings.

During the second day on the stand and under questioning from Charles Hollander QC, Di Resta admitted he put an ‘iPhone on record while I was on speaker phone on another phone’ and added, “I didn’t know it was illegal at the time.”

He also explained that the relationship between driver and manager “is almost closer than with your father, your girlfriend or wife” and was thus dismayed that the suspicions and “bad blood” arose in the relationship with Hamilton.

Paul di Resta with Anthony Hamilton

Paul di Resta with Anthony Hamilton

The reason Di Resta gave for taping Hamilton was that he was suspicious of wrongdoing and wanted to have on record financial figures pertaining to a possible sponsorship contract with Go Fast, an energy drinks company, which was allegedly worth over €5 million.

Di Resta believed that Hamilton was trying to make a personal profit of over €1 million, but the deal which never materialised.

A text message from Di Resta to an associate was mentioned during the proceedings, where the Scot wrote: “Don’t worry we get him.”

He was asked by Hollander, “You were trying to bring him [Hamilton] down?”

To which Di Resta responded, “Yes, if he had done what I thought he had done. I was actively trying to find out what was going on.”

Hollander: “You came to court to tell a pack of lies, making every excuse you could think of to get out of this agreement.”

Di Resta: “That’s not true.”

Louis Di Resta, Paul’s father, is due to take to the witness stand next, with the case set to continue until the end of the week, with judgement expected in mid January. (GP247)

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  • jeff

    I must be partial. I like this kid. He has had bad representation from AH. Lewis is great for our sport. Never been his fan cause of Anthony. I loath that man..

  • Di Resta is an agent

    This miserable whining baby that Force India wants to get rid of (and be sure that Force India is doing it diplomaticly) is really a spoilt idiot to try and tarnish Anthony.


    Hope he doesn’t even get a seat in any series and go home and make Whiskey.

  • Taskmaster

    Down here on the planet earth, where Hamilton was terminated by di Resta in July 2012 (before Force India made any decisions about its 2014 driver lineup), what this looks like is a simple breakdown between a driver and manager, where the manager appeared to have misled the driver, failed to deliver sponsorship as promised, then queered a deal handed to him on a platter – resulting in his being terminated. Thus, the manager has filed suit for wrongful termination in an attempt to extract money from said driver though the courts. Hamilton is also trying to keep his fading agency from collapsing completely – as it is now down to just one customer – a driver in the McLaren development program now in Formula Renault 2.0, Nyck de Vries.

  • Darius

    We love you Resti, stay strong and remember what I told you last week! Eagle boy! Go fly now! Spread those big wings!
    By the way Ant-boy Hamilton has a funny shaped head! Well that sucks for him isn’t it? Imagine having to go through life with a funny shape shape head! Must suck a bit!

  • JPSmoove

    Di-Resta your too busy playing Dic-Tracy and busy enough driving the car on the weekend. All of this and you can’t get past Q3. Boy-o-boy, focus numb-nuts!!!

  • vincent

    @taskmaster- i do not think A.H will be worrying about his “fading agency from collapsing completely”,not with the size of checks he receives from his son. nor would his actions indicate that.
    @darius – your canary’s wings have been clipped. for a fan of shrek you do not want to be bringing up craniums.

  • vincent

    @jeff -amazing how many excuses people use for disliking him his earings, music, fans, girlfriend, associates and attitude i could go on but the dad one is a new one congratulations. credit for acknowledging he is good for sport but its not about him

  • realf1fan

    Di resta dtm next year .

  • Taskmaster

    Its all public that AH’s agency does not receive a dime from Lewis anymore. That ended at the end of 2012 with the last payment, Lewis is managed elsewhere as a driver (Didier Coton) and image/PR (Simon Fuller and XIX)… AH has but one customer now, a GP2 driver under the McLaren young drivers program. His actions against di Resta are an attempt to squeeze what he can from him, and nothing more. Hamilton’s agency is a bit of a phantom entity, with little staff, no customers, and fading contacts since loosing Lewis as his star. Anthony has also been a contractor and IT/computer entrepreneur when he is not acting as manager. He did everything he could for his son, but is now a bit adrift…

  • Badman Jose

    For some reason Methinks a managers performance is colored by the ‘Talent’ he represent. Di Resta has little talent, the supporting
    cast, little to get excited about. Sutil the same. The Force needed a change. Contracting the Hulk and Perez a very good move by Mallya.


  • Badman Jose

    “Paul Di Resta has claimed that an F1 driver/manager association is even closer than relationships between families and even girlfriends”

    Really!! Bite my Dog, Baby

    Mr. Di Resta is really a fruit cake..