World champion Vettel to become a father

Sebastian Vettel with Hanna Prater

Sebastian Vettel with Hanna Prater

After failing to beat him to the title for the last four years, Sebastian Vettel’s Formula 1 rivals may be hoping that fatherhood will slow the German down next year.

The 26-year-old Red Bull driver’s spokeswoman confirmed that the world champion’s long-time girlfriend Hanna Prater, who rarely attends races, was expecting their first child in a month’s time.

The German can look forward to joining a select group of active Formula 1 drivers with children, currently made up of Frenchman Romain Grosjean, Brazilian Felipe Massa and Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado.

While some in motor racing hold the view that having children can make a driver less willing to take risks and push to the limit, the evidence suggests Vettel’s rivals may be in for further disappointment.

Grosjean has become faster this year with Lotus while Vettel’s retired compatriot Michael Schumacher won five of his record seven world championships after the birth of his two children. (Reuters)

  • McLarenfan

    Congratulations Seb & Hanna, I wonder if he may slow down not take so many risks, I admit I don’t think so but we can hope.
    I wish the couple a healthy baby and a trouble free pregnancy.

  • AFA

    Congratulations! These are wonderful news.
    May Hanna have an easy and trouble free pregnancy, and I hope the baby is born healthy and at convenient time for the daddy to be there!!

  • fools

    Congrats…do it while your on top!

  • O’Ferrari

    This is just like rosberg getting married. Just a manufactured event to put everyone off the trail. I thought Rosberg and Vettel’s lifestyle is an open secret in f1. I don’t know why, in this day and age…. oh wait. The sponsors. The middle east countries. The conservative countries. Yep. Gotta keep the image up.

    Well, a child will be brought into the world. Best wishes to all involved. Seb jnr?

    Was that a double entendre?

  • AFA


    WHAT are you talking about? Just because Rosberg and Vettel’s girlfriends don’t want to be around the paddock or Rosberg and Vettel don’t want them to be there, it doesn’t mean that either of them should get married or have a child because this is what the sponsors want! You have to be an idiot to decide to take such a big step in your life just because you are required to satisfy someone else.

  • Hawk

    So… That was after which race? Germany?

  • Angela


    Sometime May/June, if the baby will indeed be born in February, as some reports say. And again, it depends when in February.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Wedding can’t be too far off. Might as well make it official.

    Congrats to the entire Vettel family.

  • O’Ferrari

    Maybe it isn’t such an open secret after all….