Hamilton’s best buddies Roscoe and Coco get first class treatment

Lewis hamilton and dogs

Lewis Hamilton’s love life might be on the rocks but he is flying high with his two buddies – his dogs Coco and Roscoe – who are styling it with first class travel with their master.

Hamilton posted pictures on Twitter of his dogs and tweeted, “Roscoe and Coco flying first class, doing it big! That’s just how they roll, slept all the way. Best behaved dogs! My buddies.”

The 2008 F1 World Champion and Mercedes driver added, “Two dogs on a plane. I never heard of that before. Coco’s first ever flight and she slept the whole way.”

Roscoe made his first appearance in the Monaco Grand Prix paddock and since then has been a regular fixture as part of Hamilton’s entourage to races.

Coco is the latest addition to the family. (GP247)

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Roscoe Coco

  • StevetheGreat

    This “article” stole 3 seconds of my life and i want them back.

  • gilgen

    How sad. Cant get the girl, so gets dogs instead.

  • Hawk


  • McLarenfan

    His money his dogs

  • Nexking

    Why is one wearing a service dog cover, for his brother?

  • AFA

    Lewis, why, why, WHY?? Can we have the 2008 Lewis back?? He was great!! That one WAS a driver not a rapper wannabe!

    Seriously, what is wrong with you? You’re wasting your talent!

  • @ the EDITOR

    @ the Editor

    Why is this good enough to put on this website, but Lewis beaten his teammte in his first year in a Mercedes design for Rosberg does not make the cut.


  • @ the EDITOR

    @ the Editor

    By the way, why is this website posting regular articles on the Anthony Hamilton verses Di Resta case, while respected websites like Autosport.com does not bother with the case.
    It has nothing to do with F1 and has no baring on whether Di Resta has a seat next year. He was on his way out the door the minute Lotus signed Pastor.

    I really like this website, but sometimes the obvious bias posting is annoying. I support all drivers. I don’t care who wins.
    The persistant bad portrayal of Lewis makes this website look like it is being run by an teenage girl scorned by a bad boyfriend.

    No write ups on button’s poor performances. He admitted it to Sky-F1, but no posting of it. Rosberg postings throughout the season only when he had a better race than Hamilton, etc etc etc.

    Give the guy a break and stay of his twitter if you not his fan. What is going on in Pastors twitter page, Alonso, Vettel, Button?

    The Bias is really obvious.


    Lewis should grow up at last.

  • celeste

    Why is roscoe using a identification for a Service Dog?, as far as I know Lewis is not blind, autistic or suffering from PTSD

  • cheqflag

    If I was F1 driver I would get rid of all distractions like dogs, ex gfs, ditch twitter and focus on winning F1 WDC ..dont see Seb doing this stuff..while hes mucking around with dogs Sebs out traning or at the factory in the simulater..especially with massive changes next year..great guy but more focus needed ..

  • Peter Clarke

    Hamilton is a ………

  • Assistance Dog (genuine) owner

    WHY is the dog wearing a fake “service dog” harness? REAL assistance/ service dogs (like REAL sportsman) don’t misrepresent themselves. Hamilton’s disability is clearly his large ego obscuring his ethics.

  • another genuine assistance dog owner uk

    it makes me sick to see idiots like this parading their dogs around in “lets pretend” service dog jackets, hes not disabled doesn’t need a service dog and as a public figure I woud expect a little more dignity from him, there are genuine service dog and assistance dog owners whos dogs genuinely make a difference to their lives and actually save their owners lives by alerting to serious medical conditions, others help their owners perform tasks they otherwise couldn’t manage, like undressing, opening doors, fetching items, carrying bags etc etc these people often struggle for the acess to public places that they are legally entitled to because of prats like this that stick fake service dog / assistance dog jackets on their pampered pet dogs and often on pet dogs that are of questionable temprement too!!! come on Hamilton grow a pair and grow up!!