Formula 1 teams block moves to increase car weight limit for 2014

The Red Bull RB9 of Sebastian Vettel  is weighed during the Canadian GP weekend

The Red Bull RB9 of Sebastian Vettel is weighed during the Canadian GP weekend

Formula 1 teams this week blocked moves to raise the minimum weight limit for the 2014 season.

Drivers like Daniel Ricciardo are hurriedly trimming muscle ahead of the next World Championships, as the new turbo V6 and ERS regulations add weight to the single seaters.

A proposal to simply lift the mandatory weight limit further was discussed at the strategy group and Formula 1 Commission meeting in Paris on Monday, but rejected, according to the BBC.

Because the proposal was to raise the limit for 2014, it needed an unanimous vote, but correspondent Andrew Benson said that Ferrari, Mercedes and Lotus all declined.

“It would be unfair to change something in the rules this late,” Mexican driver Sergio Perez was quoted this week by Brazil’s Totalrace.

“If something could be changed, it would be the weight limit. But even that would be unfair, and some teams are against it because they have worked well and have been able to make a car lighter than the others,” he added. (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    What a joke they all agree something needs to be done then vote against it, they seem to all talk with fork tongue.

  • Taskmaster

    There is only one team that matters in this story, and that is Ferrari. If they object, they can just use their veto power to stop it. So it is irrelevant that Lotus and Mercedes played along in a likely political move to gain Ferrari support for something they want. The real losers are drivers who weigh more than an anemic teenage girl – pushing F1 down a path where adult racers need not bother – it’s being cooked as a kids series with cars loaded with gadgets and doo-dads. In the new F1, its not just the turbos that blow.

  • bobw

    The idea of F1 drivers and jockies being interchangeable comes to mind. Just think, F1 racing during the spring, summer and fall and thoroughbred racing in Florida during the winter! The FIA are geniuses!

  • steve

    Daniel is 4kg lighter than Mercedes lightest driver (Hamilton) but Red Bull think he’s too heavy… Odd how Mercedes are the team to block the weight limit change.

  • Kimi4WDC

    Against weight. For double points.

    I’d look every team principle in the eye and tell them they are waste of space without hesitation.

    Useless corporate monkeys.