Two mandatory pitstops idea gets thumbs down from F1 teams

Mark Webber during a pit stop in 2013

Mark Webber during a pit stop in 2013

Formula 1 teams have voted down a proposal to force drivers to make a minimum of two pitstops per grand prix in 2014.

Pirelli reportedly pushed for the rule after its calamitous and image-damaging 2013 season, where in trying to build aggressively-degrading tyres, the quality and safety of its products were called into doubt.

But despite Pirelli’s problems this year, Bernie Ecclestone insists that the Italian marque has done a good job.

“Pirelli did a wonderful job for us,” he wrote in the foreword to the official Formula 1 season review.

“I told them we don’t want tyres that last the race, we want tyres that nobody knows how they are going to last. We’ve got that too with the new engines next year,” the Formula 1 chief executive added.

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  • McLarenfan

    So Pirelli are the scapegoat’s again.

  • No

    So we are stuck with 70% race speed. Tickets should be 30% off.

    Just watch the 2012 Canada race. The speed Lewis had with 2 stop verses vettel and Alonso who attempted 1 stop, with vettel bailing out to at least secure a fourth place.

  • The Pessimist

    I think GP2 is more exciting than a Formula one world championship.

  • Barlow

    Actually I like this. But on the second mandatory stop the driver should have to exit the car, then bunny hop around it, while chanting “Bernie is King! Bernie is King!! As fast as he can.