Vettel preferential treatment contributed to Webber’s quit decision

Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel

Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel

Mark Webber has admitted that Red Bull management’s desire to please his former teammate Sebastian Vettel contributed to his decision to quit Formula 1.

The pair shared a fractious relationship at the team, where they duelled for the 2010 title before German Vettel began his four-title winning streak.

This year, after the ‘Multi-21′ team orders affair, 37-year-old Australian Webber decided to leave Formula 1 and join Porsche’s new Le Mans foray for 2014, despite interest from other grand prix teams.

“Teams like Lotus and Ferrari – and even Red Bull to a degree, once they couldn’t get Kimi [Raikkonen] – were on the radar so to speak,” Webber told BT Sport.

But he admits that the Vettel factor ultimately coloured his decision to quit altogether.

“The future has been Sebastian, they want to keep him happy as much as they can, and things come onto the radar and you think ‘this is probably not how I would like it’, so it does go into the decision,” said Webber. (GMM)

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  • Kimi4WDC

    That’s an interesting insight: “and even Red Bull to a degree, once they couldn’t get Kimi”.

    I guess Kimi’s management was not happy with the conditions of that offer :)

  • Bob Wheeler

    Why doesn’t Webber just admit the simple fact that if you can’t win you don’t get the same level of support that somebody who can win gets. He knew he was done and that going someplace else would not salvage his career. To turn around and blame it on Vettel is ridiculous.

  • Taskmaster

    Weber wanted to be the center of the team. He was with them longest, during their building years, and obviously felt he earned that stature. Vettel took that away from him by simply beating him to it – by out driving him for 6 consecutive seasons – including 2008 when Vettel beat Weber in the WDC standings while still in the inferior STR. Vettel put Red Bull where Weber was never able to – consistently on the podium and at the head of the WCC and WDC tables. Weber is a good guy, a very good driver, and a solid contributor in the teams success. He did an excellent job in that regard – probably the strongest team mate on the grid, pushing Vettel and bringing the team the WCC through solid performances. Acting like a hurt little girl in the breakup of his own choosing is beneath him. He quit for emotional reasons, and will likely regret that decision, as he fades into obscurity within the sea of endurance racing drivers past and present.

  • Frank

    according to Webber he told Mateschitz last Winter that he would quit F1 – and go to Porsche

  • Boycottthebull

    One of the positives I tried to draw from Webber leaving is that I wouldnt have to read another of Bob Wheelers anti-Webber posts. Hes gone Bob cant you just leave it and move on to another driver to hate. Or is this some Anti-Australian thing and your simply going to transfer your idiocy onto Ricciardo next?

  • Snowman

    “Beat webber in the inferior STR”

    Sometimes I wonder if some of you need a minder to tie your shoelaces.

  • Tim

    I think it has been pused under the rug a little too much but Webber has said him self that he told his family before the first race in Australia that this was his last year. It wasnt brought on by Malaysia

  • fools


    G-Luck Webber in Leman.

  • Matthys Strydom

    Personally, I get the idea that Mr Mateschitz and Webber were using the situation to maximise publicity for the energy drink. Webber has been to a couple of private meetings with Mateschitz and to be fair, any publicity is good publicity to keep your brand in the lime light. Let’s face it. The reason for reality shows, is drama. People want to see drama and somebody having a fit because he did not get the new spec nose cone….

  • StevetheGreat

    Webber had years to earn #1 status but couldn’t even beat Seb when he was a rookie. Lol, he couldn’t even beat DC and barely beat rookie Justin Wilson. Webber = second rate driver. Only a backmarker team would have him as a their #1 driver.

    Why he thinks he’ll succeed in Le Mans remains a mystery to me. He struggles in a two hour race! At least we don’t have to look at his emanciated face or listen to his constant whinging and accusations! That is one of the few highlights of 2014!

  • O’Ferrari

    He demolished coulthard.
    He demolished all team mates until vettel.

    Fact is, he is good. Vettel is better.

    I don’t like vettel, but if I ran the team, the younger, faster driver with 15 years left in him would get preference over the tough old street fighter who is on a downhill slope.

    I’m a webber fan and a realist.