Pirelli vows to address ‘marbles’ problem

Formula One World Championship, Rd10, German Grand Prix, Race, Hockenheim, Germany, Sunday 22 July 2012.

Pirelli will try their utmost to solve the problem of track-side marbles ahead of the 2014 Formula 1 season.

That is the vow of the official supplier’s Formula 1 chief Paul Hembery, amid complaints that the heavily degrading tyres of the past few seasons left too much slippery debris alongside the racing line.

“The drivers have of course spoken about it, we understand that and will try to do something about it,” the Briton is quoted by Speed Week. (GMM)

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  • StevetheGreat

    Meanwhile f1 fans everywhere wish F1 would fix the Pirelli problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boycott Pirelli!!!

  • Rick

    Agreed! However I do believe that everybody deserves a second chance and if they can’t sort it by end of next season, then get rid of them.