Alonso: I hope drivers become more important and engineers have less control

Fernando Alonso with Ferrari engineers.

Fernando Alonso with Ferrari engineers.

Fernando Alonso hopes that Formula 1 drivers have a bigger role to play next year, as the wave of radical new regulations hits the 2014 grid.

This year, as Pirelli’s heavily degrading tyres set the tone, drivers often had to take a back seat to full throttle as they nursed their cars through race strategies, at the beck and call of engineers’ informed advice.

But Ferrari’s Alonso thinks that the new rules for 2014, featuring the introduction of turbo V6s and fuel limitations, could play in favour of the smartest drivers.

“Let’s see what kind of driving style will be needed,” he told Brazil’s Totalrace.

“I hope that the decisions of the drivers become more important and [that] the engineers have less control,” Alonso added.

World Champion Sebastian Vettel agrees that the drivers will have a big role to play in 2014.

Sebastian Vettel with Fernando Alonso

Sebastian Vettel with Fernando Alonso

“Imagine having only 100 kilos of fuel available for a race!” he exclaimed to Formula 1’s official website.

“That might require looking for completely different techniques that allow you to go as quick as normal but also save fuel.”

On the other hand, with the formula changing so much, 2014 could be a good season for a rookie to arrive freshly on the scene – like McLaren‘s Kevin Magnussen.

“It’ll be a new challenge for everyone, not just for me,” the young Dane said.

“The fact that I won’t have as much experience as some of the other drivers actually counts a little bit less,” he added.

German driver Nico Hulkenberg, however, thinks the actual truth won’t be known until the racing gets underway next year.

“Nobody knows,” German media quote him as saying at the Essen Motor Show. “It’s a new era in Formula 1.

“You would have to say that Red Bull and the other big teams have the money and the resources to still be at the top,” Hulkenberg, who is switching midfield teams from Sauber to Force India for 2014, added. (GMM)

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  • Red Bull Cheats

    F1 will be s#!t. They will all be running around at 75% pace saving fuel. What a fu(&ing joke. This is supposed to be racing, not an economy run.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Drivers are important. E.g. Vettel can win with a car which Webber cannot put higher than 3rd since 2010.

    The real problem for Alonso is that there are better drivers than him.


    Alonso: “I hope that the decisions of the drivers becomes more important and the engineers have less control”

    Well, he might have changed his opinion since he won his two championships due to the positive influence of Renault’s and Michelin’s engineers then…

    …and he might have lost ground since then.

  • Nowhereman

    Trolls……… when will they go away?

  • Butterfly

    I guess making the car very difficult to drive is the ONLY way to make the good drivers shine and not the engineers. Here’s hoping the rules have the desired effect next year.


    They’re just confused fans of Fernando’s, that’s all. That’s all they ever talk about.

  • jl

    Yup,.. we have the same hope.
    so mr. excuselonso do not have any excuse as a loser.

    when vettel do not win he said: “I do not fast enough”
    when alonso do not win he said : “I do not have genius engineer on my side”

    mr. excuselonso didn’t change at all.
    always sour loser

  • Tinto

    Then go back to square one of engineering, go karting… Isn’t F1 the pinnacle of …engineering, by the way? So Alonso, typical…

  • Butterfly


    Then the FIA should stop awarding trophies for drivers.

  • sebolonso

    Fernando is unbelievable. If it’s not the car or tires, it’s the engineers. I am just waiting for further excuses. What about tracks, sponsors or team-mate. Perhaps we will have all that next season.

  • stoner

    Perhaps Alonso needs to talk less and drive more. Maybe that’s why Ferrari hired Kimi :-D

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @ Stoner, Alonso is not known for driving. I mean he only did it a bit last year. Unlike you who drives and doesn’t talk, except on here. Haaa.

  • Imran

    Alonso is not an engineer.. that’s why he don’t totally understand f1 is all about.. If he’s an engineer maybe he’ll understand

  • Geoff day

    Time for racing to come back with real gear changes to allow for driver error and refuelling with tyre changes at the teams discretion

  • Sam

    On board camera replay, I have seen Seb on a big corner in almost full throttle on qualification lap with only one hand on the steering. This is not a driver ability but a car capability generously designed.

  • farizY

    Boring fuel economy runs. That is what F1 will become. Sigh.