Alonso behaviour triggered Raikkonen signing believes Andretti

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen

Fernando Alonso’s frustration during the 2013 season is what triggered Ferrari‘s push for Kimi Raikkonen, according to the Italian team’s famous Italian-American driver, Mario Andretti.

“In my opinion, Alonso became frustrated this season, and what he said offended Ferrari,” the 1978 World Champion told Spanish sports newspaper Marca.

Andretti is referring to the arguably disparaging comments made by the Spanish driver, after which Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo revealed that he “tweaked” Alonso’s ear.

“Otherwise,” Andretti added, “they never would have hired someone who could challenge him and even beat him.”

After four years alongside the often underperforming Felipe Massa, Alonso’s new teammate for 2014 is the former team champion Kimi Raikkonen.

“You have to know how to behave,” Andretti, still referring to Alonso’s attitude in 2013. “He always had a proper behaviour, but that 1 per cent… we saw what was Montezemolo’s reaction.”

“It will be interesting to see what happens next,” he added, “because Kimi is not arriving to help; he is going to try to win. It will be a great battle that will be fun to watch.” (GMM)

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  • Kimi4WDC

    I hope anticipation this fun to watch battle will not be the highlight of the 2014 season.

    But unless Vettel DNFs a lot, I don’t see anyone else challenging Red Bulls expertise.

    Some unique suspension design might out weight aero, to transfer all the torque to speed, but then it means it will eat more fuel :))

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Classic if Lewis wins the WDC next year and Alonso, Kimi and Vettel all have to fight for 2nd place. Then all this talk will be for nothing.

  • Tonye Bozimo

    I think Ferrari hired Kimi because they are expecting Alonso to leave in the near future. A team like Ferrari cannot be left without a high profile driver in at least one of their cars. All the other high profile drivers (Vet & Ham) are already locked into contracts. Webber was leaving. Button may not fit the mould etc so i think it needed to be done just so.

  • the fan

    so andretti figures this out after everyone else… useless opinion, a waste of an article.

  • Jules

    I’m surprised a driver like Andretti is spewing such crap . Ferrari needs to hire 2 top drivers to win. I don’t think they kept Massa believing he could not beat Alonso. They expected Massa to beat Alonso. Unfortunately, Massa couldn’t.

    Ferrari hired Kimi because he was the best and most experienced and consistent that was available in the market .

  • the fan

    im not gonna jump into this whole kimi will beat fernando, fernando will trash kimi etc horse crap. both are great drivers. here’s what I believe though. on equal car, kimi is faster than fernando. but fernando will always have the better race craft. to me they are on equal footing and i will rather wait for next year than make an arguement with a 9yr old fanboy talking about who’s better, batman or spiderman.

  • animal9527

    @the fan,I agree its an utter waste of an article.

  • Taskmaster

    Hiring Raikkonnen is about the math. Ferrari gets nothing from the WDC, it’s all about the WCC for them as a team. Red Bull won the last 4 not just because Vettel won the WDC, but because Weber also finished well, usually #3 and always ahead of Massa. Even if neither Alonso or Raikkonnen win the WDC, Ferrari can win the WCC if the two finish close enough together at the upper end of the finishing order. Massa was replaced simply because he proved incapable of finishing high enough to score Ferrari the WCC when Alonso finished second. Raikkonnen will likely do better in helping the team win the WCC for Ferrari, even if neither takes the WDC. If one of them wins WDC, it’s a bonus – but not the underlying strategy. Winning the WDC is just part of winning the WCC, but not a necessary part.

  • Nowhereman

    If Ferrari gives their drivers a decently competitive car that can qual in the top three, Ferrari will win the MFG championship, it’s that simple.
    Alonso and Kimi are good enough to win on any day with a decent car.
    Nothing other than that.
    If their new car is a world beater?, than all the better because Ferrari wants to strip RB of their championship running dominance.

  • matthew

    @taskmaster, thats not entirely accurate. vettel scored enough points to win the 2013 constructors championship all on his own. webber could have dnf’ed every single race and the championship would have ended the same way. It’s an incredible statistic for vettel to be honest.

  • fools

    It seems the media is already doing there best to create buzz and steam between these 2 top drivers. It’s no question Alonso is a better driver then Kimi.

    However, what Alonso did or did not do didn’t prompt Ferrari to hire Kimi. Ferrari needs more points from there 2nd driver and Massa failed at this since 2008. Its one thing to lose the WDC 2nd runner up.(Alonso) But the Constructors Championship is key for $ and for the engineers/team spirit.

    Being Alonso I dont doubt anyone wouldnt talk down on the Ferrari car. Alonso has not verbally talk down about Ferrari he simply said whats fact and anything really other then the obvious that car cannot keep up pace.

    Alonso clearly stuns the crowd and paddock when he drives the car and delivers performance when everyone knows he is not the fastest car. However he is the smartest and best driver without the best car. Massa cannot do this anymore which is why re-hiring Kimi would do a fine job at that. Hence all the points hes gathered from his Lotus team. This like I’ve said before will only encourage Alonso to do better then he has. He is still young and will win more WDC in the future.

    Alonso for the 2014 WDC TURBO ERA!