Renault commits extra personnel to deal with complex V6 turbo engines

Remi Taffin

Remi Taffin

Remi Taffin, Renault’s head of track operations reveals that, due to the complexity of the new Formula 1 V6 turbo engines, the French engine manufacturer will dedicate an extra technician to each of the team’s to which they they will supply power units in 2014.

“The [2014] engines are more complex because there is more going on. Our plan is that we’re going to augment each of our teams with one extra person, in comparison to this year. That’s simply due to the complexity of the power unit,” revealed Taffin.

For the past 24 months Renault have concentrated their efforts on the development of the new V6 turbocharged, direct injection engines that come into play next season but, despite Renault’s vast experience in the field, the learning curve has been steep.

Taffin explained, “There is a challenge in there. Obviously our guys have got plenty of experience with racing engines but they’ve got to relearn the ways working with a turbo-charged unit because for most of us it’s been years since we last worked with one and they are very different to atmospheric (non-turbo) engines.”

“Of course we’re all engineers and we’ve learnt about these things when we were in school – but there’s going to be a lot of learning to do over the winter,” added Taffin. (GP247)

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  • Hawk

    High revs + direct injection + turbo = DISASTER

  • McLarenfan

    Well you better send the whole company back to school. My Renault Scenic 1.9 dCi lasted 10 miles before the turbo destroyed the car sent all the computers in to meltdown punched a hole in the side of the block, Renault power of the world champions!!!

  • matthew

    Renault road cars are not even in america, their last cars here were jokes. I can’t understand why europeans accept such trash! Chryslers k-cars at the time were massively better than the renaults were, and the k-cars are known as some of the worst cars of all time! Don’t even get me started on fiat and peugot!

  • Taskmaster

    Direct injection and turbo isn’t the issue – that’s simple mechanicals, its the ERS system that will be the undoing of the power packages. KERS has been a mess from its inception. ERS, with its dual engine/turbo power units, extremely complex interactions and much larger battery units – coupled with the much larger power levels, make KERS look arcane in comparison. When KERS failed, the car was still drive-able, and competitive. When ERS fails, the car will not be drive-able or competitive. An ERS failure will simultaneously rob top end speed from loss engine power supplementation, while killing off-cover performance from turbo lag. ERS failures will end the races of so many drivers, so frequently, that it will become the only topic of discussion- replacing the tire debacle of 2013 completely. In fact, there will be so little time left to talk tires, Pirelli will have to buy ad space during race airings to get any notice at all. 2014 is going to be a fascinating to watch, like any other disaster – but it is not going to be a good year for F1 racing.

  • Nowhereman

    Anyone who’s smart should be talking to Porshe right now.
    They owned the world in turbo engines with the 930K in Can Am racing.
    That car was unbeatable until they outlawed it.
    Yes this will be an ugly year for F1 coming up but, we only have the FIA to blame…….again.
    No one in this country would drop some serious coin to buy a Ferrari, or a Porshe or anything with turbo V6 attached to an oversized battery.
    Pull your oversized heads out of your oversized rear ends, FIA.

  • Hawk

    2014 races will be endurance races

  • McLarenfan

    I agree and after reading that GP2 cars may be faster next year I wonder how many races will run the distance.
    I cant understand these morons who buy a toyota prius or a Renault electric like the ZOE £13,995 then £70 per month to rent your battery WTF.

  • StevetheGreat

    Lol my rx8 has higher revs than a 2014 f1 car. Better turbo too i bet.

    All in all i’m not looking forward to the new era of ers, exotic turbos, and fuel flow limitions! Esp as RBR are soooooo far ahead with torque control. I expect lesser teams to be sideways more oft than not and thanks to pirelli i’ve had my fill of chaos f1.

  • matthew

    Lots of interesting points being posted. I really don’t mind reliability issues in f1. It’s to be expected, engineering at its limits. What I do mind, is when the cars are unreliable because of ridiculous regulations that require the cars to have a immensely complex ers system that adds cost and is in no way applicable to anything in the real world. The FIA is in their own little bubble, They are ridiculous.

  • dado

    For matthew and mclarenfan,What a hypocrite,everbody knows that all american cars are disaster.Too long,crapy bad desing,cheap plastic,massive block with poor milage.Desing and engineering are so shity an cheap.You will never sucseed in europe,And mclarenfan you are so jeloause becasuse in v8 era renault is master with ten drivers and construtors titles.RENAULT who entered in F1 in late 70s has more victories and poles than anybody,161wins.Your mclaren is slowly becoming more like minardi.Next year you will fight with marussia for few points.

  • McLarenfan

    You must be smoking some very strong Sh1t Renault = French why do you think think 90% of the stuff they are running which we know is illegal or so close to it gets passed exotic maps PASS flexing wings PASS off throttle blowing “we need it for reliability” PASS FIA = FRENCH

  • matthew

    @ dado last time I checked, ford was outselling renault in every country they compete in besides the UK. The UK buys less cars yearly then just new england in the US.

  • matthew

    I am aware the UK is not a single country, I worded that poorly. I should have said market.

  • grat

    @dado… Your technical ignorance is only outdone by your incoherence.