Anthony Hamilton: I don’t mind lying to people who are lying to me

Anthony Hamilton unfairly dismissed?

Anthony Hamilton unfairly dismissed?

Anthony Hamilton has admitted under oath that he lied while represetning Paul di Resta with regards to what he believed to be a bogus deal with an energy drinks company which was supposedly worth €21 million.

Hamilton is suing Di Resta for breach of contract and loss of earnings after he was dismissed by the Force India driver in 2012.

Di Resta gave Hamilton a lead to pursue with Go Fast energy drinks company, who indicated they wanted to pump substantial money into a deal with the Scot.

Hamilton said, “It was obviously a scam. Only in fiction do drivers who have made no name for themselves get offered a €21 million deal. But I had an obligation on behalf of my client to pursue it. I was under huge pressure.”

The father of World Champion Lewis Hamilton, told Go Fast representatives at the time that he had obtained the energy drinks rights from Force India through his family company Belir. This however was not true.

Paul di Resta with Anthony Hamilton in 2011

Paul di Resta with Anthony Hamilton in 2011

“It was a holding lie. I would be a dishonest man if I said I had never lied. I don’t mind lying to people who are lying to me,” Hamilton explained.

The biggest surprise of the day [Friday] was when Hamilton admitted to an altered date on an email which he had submitted into evidence, after adamantly denying this earlier during the case.

Hamilton revealed that during installation of sophisticated security equipment in his new home that the builders altered times and dates on his iPad – linked to the security system – which in turn affected the dates on emails sent and received by the device.

“They have informed me that they have been changing the dates and times of my iPad regularly during this time,” admitted Hamilton.

During the proceedings, Paul Downes QC, representing Di Resta, declared, “Mr Hamilton, you are a dishonest man.”

The case continues. (GP247)

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  • O’Ferrari

    Crooked as a dog’s hind leg!

  • gilgen

    what a nasty little man!

  • McLarenfan

    Sounds like he has just lost his case and is trying to put the blame on the builder, and now we know why Lewis parted from dear old dad.

  • Tinto

    Despicable… Doubt his son is too different.

  • David

    F1 needs to cleanse itself of it’s spivs and charlatans. But who would be left?

  • Spanish_Flyer

    Probably only Alonso!

  • Tamburello_1994


  • Beer Monster

    He’s not lying about the go-fast deal. It’s laughable that Di Resta would get a multi million euro sponsorship deal from anyone. He’s the crappest driver in F1.

  • MightyK

    After this is over, I’m hoping I never see this man’s face again. It’s been said before but why would Lewis break off his professional relationship with his own father?

  • Nowhereman

    To achieve position / status of that level in F1, you have to cheat, lie and even steal sometimes,
    Why are you surprised?
    In all walks of life monumental gain comes at the cost of honesty and others loss.
    Take a look at any government at any level.
    It’s called POLITICS…..

  • Tinto

    Boy, that is a scaring perspective, there should be honest people as well

  • Lol

    Just like his dad, Hamilton also a liar (see Australia 2009).

  • Badman Jose

    Enjoyable it is, sounds like a Hollywood Soap Opera.