Alonso: I hate losing! The aim is to fight to win right to the end

Fernando Alonso and girlfriend Dasha Kapustina at the FIA Gala Awards

Fernando Alonso and girlfriend Dasha Kapustina at the FIA Gala Awards

Cinema City in Paris hosted the FIA Gala evening at which the traditional prize giving takes place to honour this year’s World Champions. For the third time in his four seasons with the Scuderia, Fernando Alonso was present as runner-up, a result that had left such a bitter taste in 2010 and 2012, when the title slipped from his grasp at the very last.

This year however, the result was accepted calmly, given the clear superiority of the winners as the Spaniard admitted from the stage.

“I want to congratulate Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull for their fantastic Championships. They had a superb season and deserve these titles. We hoped to make life more difficult for them but they were very good and this is their night.”

Fernando Alonso with Sebastian Vettel after the Belgian GP

Fernando Alonso with Sebastian Vettel after the Belgian GP

Asked to explain how he always manages to be so competitive, Fernando replied in his usual straightforward manner: “I hate losing! At the start of every year, whatever the situation, the aim is to fight to win right to the end. I love winning, and I love motor racing: this year I finished second and there’s no doubt that, being this competitive, I wanted to win – as did the team. However, I am honoured to be here today and I want to thank the team for that: let’s hope we can be first next year.”

Fernando received an ovation when he invited everyone present to applaud two drivers, but more importantly, two friends who were in the room, Mark Webber and Robert Kubica.

“Mark and I have been together in Formula 1 for twelve years and we have shared many fantastic moments and we will miss him next year. Robert is doing truly great things in rallying, but we are waiting for him to return to Formula 1.” (Ferrari)

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  • Boycottthebull

    Mark Webber was the only F1 place winner allowed to eat on the night.

  • StevetheGreat

    Webber is a joke.

    Best part of 2014 will be seeing alonso get beat by his teamie in a car 100% designed for himself.

  • Butterfly


    Yeah, that will be great to see, I admit. Especially since Massa was the better drive last time Kimi drove a Ferrari. Felipe wiped the floor with Fernando these past four years, so naturally, Kimi will do the same.

    Come to think of it, I think all of Fernando’s teammates destroyed him.

  • Tinto

    Wait and see, this is an open race, if asked I could not say who is gonna win, Kimi or Alonso. None of them are the best in the field, pros and cons on both sides.

    Kimi has more to loose if he gets beaten by Alonso, this tells Kimi is gonna be, unusually for him, a different guy, more focused than ever.

    Go Kimi!

  • Safrimike

    Sheez Butterfly, “…Felipe wiped the floor with Fernando these past four years….” What have you been smoking?

  • Tamburello_1994

    Last time Kimi drove a Ferrari Felipe was recovering in the hospital.

    Do you have to take the bait every time Butterfly?

  • Butterfly


    I was talking about 2008, old man. And a bit of 2009 until the accident.

  • Butterfly

    Hey, it’s fun to troll the trolls. :-)

  • Tamburello_1994

    Be a bit more concise Buttercup, and we could avoid these periodic encounters we seem to have. How many times do I have to tell you? :)

    You know what, As much as you “try” to insult me Butterfly, I like you even more. That’s why I pay EXTRA attention to you.

    You make the b*tchslapping fun.


  • Elf

    Just ignore him mate, the Buttoffly has ups and downs PMS kind of behavior..

  • sebolonso

    Last time around, car was built around Felippos. This time it will be built around Kimi. Poor Fernando, his time has come.

  • Tamburello_1994

    . . . . .and gone.

    There. Fixed it for you seb.

  • O’Ferrari

    I hate to be controversial, but I just don’t understand the hype about kimi.

    Even in his best years, he would go from super fast to mediocre from round to round. If there was no sniff of a win, he lost interest and collected points. That is not a bad thing, but I just can’t see him matching alonso race in, race out.

    He’s never had a strong team mate, but massa managed to whomp him and grosjean soundly thumped him in yhe second half of 2013.

    Even in his championship year he had his lulls. Round 2? Stayed behind a slower mclaren all race. Final round? Massa had to settle for second so kimi could win.

    Mid season, kimi lost interest and collected points. The most startling was when he set the fastest lap by over a second on the final lap of a gp. He was so fast, was just circulating around, 4 sevonds behind massa and pulling lap times nearly 1.8 seconds slower than his best.

    This is where I think people like schuey (91-2006), Senna, alonso and clark never left anything on the table. They drove as hard as they could all race, whether it was for first or fifth. Admittedly, senna crashed all too often and schu would occasionally barge others around if they left a gap, but they were never on autopilot.

    I think kimi is smarter than people hive him credit for. He always seems to salvage points. But I don’t think he has the ‘never say die’ attitude that the greats had.

  • matthew

    O’ferrari I agree with you. kimi is a great driver, no one can debate that. But he is easily discouraged and weak-willed. He will never be one of the greats.

  • Dr. Azlan

    You can never underestimate the King of Spa.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Massa never recovered from his surgery, so he is no reference to Alonso, ever.

    Also, after everybody firmly confirms that Kimi wll be beaten (especially Alonso mind slaves like Bittersprite), it will be so much fun to watch the opposite – cant wait for that.

    I am looking forward to the lamentation and lame excuses of Alonso and his fans.

  • O’Ferrari

    Schumacher was the king of spa.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    “He’s never had a strong team mate” – apart from the fact that he ended Montoya’s racing career, ended Fisichella’s career as well (and wiped the floor with Coulthard).

    I hope he ends Alons’s as well

  • O’Ferrari

    It is laughable that u mention montoya and fisichella! I said STRONG team mates. Not mediocre team mates.

    Ha ha, you stupid fcuking troll.

  • jezreel

    @butterfly. yups but there was something obvious you forgot to mention. one need not be a rocket scientist, or a neurosurgeon for that matter, to realize there’s a whole lot of difference between the pre-crash massa that kimi drove with and the post-crash massa that played second fiddle to nano.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    All those that predicted Lewis would be running around in 15th place crying have never said “I was wrong.” Next year all those that said Kimi will destroy Alonso will also be silent, rather than admitting their mistake. That silence will be nice.

  • Alonso_is_Slow


    Montoya was not a strong teammate? Show me any stronger teammate Alonso had and beat! Trulli was too much for him, as well as Hamilton. He could beat Fisico with a small margin, while Raikkonen beat Fisicella with at least 1s/per lap in each race while they were at Ferrari.

    This is your logic?

    Therapy suggested.

  • Jules

    hahaha….some of you guys dissing Alonso are either ignorant or have not clue what you writing…Alonso made 1RB, 2 Mercs, 2 lotuses and pretty much all the other F1 drivers on the grid except of course Vettel who has the best car, wipe the floor for him. This is even when Alonso was driving probably the 5th or 6th fastest car of the season. Not even Kimi with a better Lotus could beat Alonso consistently this year, what more given a similar car to him.

    My bet is on Alonso outdriving Kimi in 2014. Kimi is likely to lose motivation mid season if he realizes he can’t beat Alonso.

  • Fernanda Aloser

    Tamburello1994, why don’t you go back to your cell, you miserable, fat, short, old man!

  • Fernanda Aloser

    And take your wimpy boyfriend, O’Ferrari with you!

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Fernanda Aloser

    Wow!! You slating me here too? You sure you ain’t mad? Just a wee little bit?


  • O’Ferrari

    I thinks somebody is butthurt because they got owned.

    Poor little guy…

  • Butterfly


    1. Massa never recovered from his surgery? – what exactly happened to him that hindered his ability to match Fernando?

    2. Mind slaves? – what is that?

    Care to explain in detail? You like to talk a lot, so here’s your chance.

  • Butterfly


    Oh, and please remember that Fernando, too, had a big crash in 2003, yet he seems fine.

    Go, explain your BS.

  • Rone

    Alonso you are a fortress made of iron. You were built to crush down your opponents even with what was given to you. You will finish them all even if they keep bringing those new breaded drivers that has no nature. F1 is lucky to have you racing. Love you sexy boy.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Yea, But did it end his season? No? Couldn’t have been too bad.

    Felipe fricken almost died. Kinda compairing Apples and Oranges – Don’t you think? Seriously.

    And before you go on the ad hominem, Or personal attacks you’re so famous for – I actually, Hard as it may seem, Agree with your larger point. I just don’t understand why it’s difficult for you to be intellectually honest about “post 2009″ Massa, And still make your points about Alonso.

  • sebolonso

    I don’t understand all fanatic Alonso supporters crying around how good their semi God is. Get real now people. LdM scored him 8 out off 10, Bernie stated Fernando gave up and that is exactly in line whit what happened this season. Kimi will polish the floor whit Fernando and Ferrari team will assist, because everybody is just tired with the whiner.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    1) post surgery Massa is evident for others, does not need explanation. Check comments above.

    2) you are really a prototype for an Alonso mind slave, just look into the mirror. You beleive and repeat everything that Alonso says. A perfect duplicate. A perfect ghola. Never admit negatives. Repeat Alonso lies, like Hamilton was preferred at Mclaren (even if Hami got the team orders, e.g. in Monaco). Ready to forfeit facts, like Vettel missing apexes but car compensating it etc.

  • Fernanda Aloser


    The only person who’s owned here is you.
    Tamby94 owns you every night.

  • Tamburello_1994

    You sound jealous.

    You got this thing about men being together, Don’t you?

    Repress much?

  • Kimi4WDC

    On an off-topic side, Alonso is just not photogenic, he always comes across like “that dorky guy” on pictures. He should stick to race suit and helmet :)

  • Junior Johnson

    Please guys stop fighting! All of you you are acting like little childrin enough is enough.we are here to talk about f1 not to fight.Anyway I think next years goin to be be very intresting between Alionso and Ruykonin.Who will beat who we can only wait and see but I cant wait!I dont think one will dominate the other one at all it will be one wins this race one wins that race and so on a bit like hamilton and alionso.

  • Harys

    @Junior Johnson, Its true what you are saying provided Ferrari has a drivable consistent car. Kimi will then challenge Fernando & both will exchange wins…but will bleed each other for the championship. But if the car is as bad as the past 5 years, Kimi will lose interest & will not be able to keep up with Fernando. Fernando is strong physically & mentally, patient & a cunning master to pocket extra points…though Kimi is probably the fastest man on the planet.

  • O’Ferrari

    Um…. no, I’m enjoying destroying fernanda aloser.

    He’s only a small fish, but his hostility and comments anout his fictional girlfriend betray the lightness of his loafers.

    Sooooo much fun.

  • matthew

    I’ve said this again and again, im a fan of both kimi and alonso. alonso undebatedly outperformed kimi this past season with a slower car. (don’t say the ferrari was faster than the lotus, you are wrong.) What do you think will happen with equal cars? Alonso will be at least 25pts ahead of kimi by the end of 14.

  • Harys

    @matthew, I also admire both drivers. I know Kimi can be faster than Fernando when all goes well, but from history I can see Fernando pushing harder in longer terms as he is stronger & more serious in all respects. Kimi’s presence at Ferrari will make Alonso even stronger as I see it. It should be fun…let’s see.

  • sebolonso

    Back on topic. Fernando must then hate himself. Ferrari and Fernando just don’t fit. The result speaks for itself.

  • matthew

    @sebolonso…. please try to put words together in a coherent fashion. Thank you, that is all.

  • fools