Todt unanimously re-elected for another term as president of FIA

Jean Todt

Jean Todt

Jean Todt was unanimously re-elected as president of motorsport’s world governing body by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) general assembly on Friday.

The Frenchman had stood unopposed after British rival David Ward withdrew his candidacy last month.

An FIA spokesman said the 250 delegates had voted without abstention for former Ferrari team principal Todt to serve a second four-year period at the helm of the Paris-based federation.

The FIA is the governing body of Formula 1, as well as world rallying.

Last month, it became clear the Frenchman would not be dethroned, as his only formal challenger, David Ward, pulled out of the race due to a lack of support.

Jean Todt with Bernie Ecclestone

Jean Todt with Bernie Ecclestone

“I would like to offer my congratulations to Jean Todt who will secure a second term uncontested if not unopposed,” Ward said in November.

Todt said during his acceptance speech: “This unity – the unity of the FIA family – is a precious asset that we must protect. This is a fundamental value that we must respect and defend. It is a duty for all of us and even more so for those who aspire to positions of responsibility within our organisation.

“I have nothing against competition. On the contrary, it has always been at the heart of my professional life. It is legitimate that it is exercised in a democratic election such as that of the FIA. Competition is a good thing because it forces you to give the best of yourself.

“For this reason, I welcome healthy debate. But debate should focus on ideas, not on individuals. It should lift an organisation, not lower it; it should strengthen an organisation, not weaken it. Above all, debate must be based on truth, honesty, and integrity.

Jean Todt enjoyed huge success as Ferrari team principal

Jean Todt enjoyed huge success as Ferrari Team Principal

“I deeply regret that in the course of these last few weeks we have had unfounded insinuations cast on the FIA’s governance, the transparency of its accounts, and the integrity of its members.”

“Worse, the press was used repeatedly to spread these false claims, where they only harm the image of our FIA family. Faced with this irresponsible attack, we took a decision not to engage in a public fight with the media which would have only been destructive for our organisation.

“Instead we chose to address our clubs directly with the truth. We led a campaign based on honesty and ideas and policies for the future. You fully understood and supported this, and for that I thank you sincerely.” (Reuters)

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  • matthew

    I can’t believe he used the word democratic in the same sentence as FIA. These guys are a bunch of greedy old men killing our sport!

  • McLarenfan

    What a farce the FIA is propping up the French economy with the money they leach from the drivers (Super Licence plus each point scored). the constructors (Entry Fees and every thing the parasites manage to squeeze in fines).
    Then the money they are dripping away from Bernie.
    Max Mosley stated that the FIA didn’t need any extra funding it has always had a healthy balance if max can state that fact he should know so why do these decrepit halfwits need all the extra unless it is GREED.

  • GoldLeaf

    No improvement here. Expect more of the same. A lot of ambiguous regulations inconsistently applied and poorly implemented.

  • Jack

    Awkward handshake photo…

  • Boycottthebull

    Another 4 years of secret deals with Bernie, inconsistent marshalling, favouritism of teams and bleeding the teams and sport dry till they are all bankrupt. His speech was a reprimand to anyone who dares air any FIA dirty Laundry in public. What a corrupt sad little troll this man is.