Lotus: With proper support and team around him, we can do something nice with Pastor

Pastor Maldonado gets a new chance at Lotus

Pastor Maldonado gets a new chance at Lotus

Lotus team boss Eric Boullier believes that in the proper environment their new signing, Pastor Maldonado will, calm down and thrive just as their ‘first lap nutcase’ has done this season.

Romain Grosjean last season earned the label of being a crasher, the wild guy of Formula 1. But with intervention and nurturing from Lotus the Frenchman has turned his career around and became the revelation of the 2013 season.

Speaking to Sky, Boullier said he believes that the same is possbile with Maldonado, “He’s a friendly guy, he’s a fast guy. He won a race in Formula 1 and it was on merit – it was not gained from some lottery. I think we just need to make sure he can keep his focus – actually similar issues we had with Romain last year – keep his focus on track.”

Pastor Maldonado crashed out of the 2013 Monaco GP

Pastor Maldonado crashed out of the 2013 Monaco GP

“I’m sure that with the proper support and team around him, we can do something nice with Pastor. Maybe there is still some fine-tuning to do with him. And I think one the most important parts, having talked to him already, is obviously feeling the support of the team behind him,” ventured Boullier.

It is no secret that Maldonado arrives at Lotus with a bag of much needed loot for the team – a sum estimated to be around $30 million provided by Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA – which is no doubt one of the reasons he was chosen ahead of Nico Hulkenberg who was their favoured driver to replace Ferrari bound Kimi Raikkonen.

“Obviously there is a financial support with Pastor, which in these days we may need. And unfortunately, as I said before, timing is an issue. Even if Genii is deeply involved in funding the team, there are some solutions that need to be done. It’s true that Quantum Motorsports is the best one we can have but timing is everything, especially in Formula 1,” explained Boullier.

“We have to deliver a car in less than eight weeks now,” added the Lotus team chief. (GP247)

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  • matthew

    Maybe he’s right about pastor you guys…………… They must have added an autopilot into his car! But on a serious note, why is pastors sponsorship valued differently in every story? grand prix 24/7 should do an article about his sponsorship.

  • dcloudy777

    The nicest thing that Lotus could do for the Red Menace is to put an airbag in the steering wheel.

  • captain tortuga

    “Maybe he needs some finetuning”

    Without politcal correct BS this meant something like this : “He needs a full overhaul, and even then it is only about the money”


    I don’t even hope that Crashtor proves me wrong.. that hope is long gone,…

  • StevetheGreat

    Lotus’s 2014 with Pasta Madlonado:

    Step 1: medication
    Step 2: mental therapy
    Step 3: reality check
    Step 4: sorry we don’t have a good enough car
    Repeat as needed.

  • McLarenfan

    Fine tuning Crashtor Malfunctionado he needs more than fine tuning he needs to be disassembled put in a crate and dropping off in the middle of a desert never to be returned. that prat could crash a camel .

  • Tinto

    Honest, hardly wait to see this guy improving, never liked to see a person down and everybody kicking…

  • O’Ferrari

    No airbags, please.

    I’d hate to see pastor emerged unscathed from one of his temper tantrum shunts.

    Perhaps a certain monaco marshall can design a special seat for maldonado?

    Pastor: I wish you all the worst. You are a bad person and you have been the mouthpiece and benefactor of a corrupt system that brings misery and unemployment and injustice to many in your country.

  • James

    “Obviously there is a financial support with Pastor, which in these days we may need”

    I like this honest confession.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Some of you are darn right brutal, My lord!

    I LIKE IT!! :)

  • O’Ferrari

    I aim to please

  • Boycottthebull

    I wish everyone would stop the comparison with Grosjeans problems. They are completely different. Grosjean was always humble and willing to admit his issues and work towards rising above them even to the extent of seeing a sports psychologist. Maldamoneybags does not acknowledge any such issues. He believes its the team and car is to blame and has a sense of entitlement because of his financial backing that makes him untouchable. There is no taming this one. I bet even now in his own mind he believes himself to be team leader. Im certain when he gets beaten by Grosjean that he will claim favoritism withing the team. And that anger with further manifest itself when they are both side by side together and he crashes Grosjean off the track. They have just swapped the Kimi drama for a whole season of another. Judging by comments on the forums its fair to say Lotus’ fanbase has halved at very least.

  • O’Ferrari

    Agreed. Grosjean was a fast driver who needed rough edges polished.

    Maldonado is piece of crap and we all know you can’t polish a turd.

  • Tamburello_1994

    I got no problems with Roman.

    He’s made the most of his second chance in a world where first impressions are lasting ones. He’s got a bright future.

    His only problem now is that he has a freak for a teammate.

  • A41202813GMAIL


  • O’Ferrari

    Yeah, aggressive racers like senna, schumacher, clark, alonso, hamilton.

    No turds like maldonado

  • McLarenfan

    I agree Romain Grosjean does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Crashtor Malfunctionardo.
    Agreed they are worlds apart Romain is a different class altogether and he has potential to win clean races and fight with champions on the same level.
    I hate to say this do not insult the freaks they deserve not to be included in the same group as the Psychotic lunatic Crashtor Malfunctionardo. I feel even with medication and intensive electroshock therapy Crashtor Malfunctionardo will still be a danger to all the cars around him.
    No question we appreciate hard fast racers who put on overtaking maneuvers were the wheels interlock and both come out still fighting without the need for DRS and this season we have seen some awesome overtakes but with Crashtor Malfunctionardo its not like that he starts hits and blames everyone but himself.
    And to talk to Nat Pinks about sabotage while he looked as though his medication had worn off was enough for me.

  • matthew

    Lotus has gone from someone that breaks the car on purpose, to someone that couldn’t keep the car in one piece in a parking lot.

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ McLarenfan

    O.K. My bad. I withdraw my previous statement. Taking no prisoners on this thread I see.

    Wouldn’t want to mix it up with some of you roughnecks. You guys ain’t play’n. Dag!

    LMFAO!!! :)

  • Tinto

    Both Grosjean and Maldo, may have different flavour issues, but both are emotional, parts of their brains strike unnecessary. The good news is that can be tamed and educated, Boulier may have an ace in his sleeves for Maldo as well.

    Since he is a Venezuelan, the heavy unfair critique kind of reminds me about a story told by a friend about an animal killed on a Venezuelan road that just in a few hours when he came back, absolutely nothing remained of its carcass. Ants, vultures, bacterias, and others completely processed its dead body.

  • McLarenfan

    Are you saying that Crashtor Malfunctionardo has had his brain eaten by Ants, vultures, bacteria’s, and others. My god that might explain things a bit he is brain dead.

  • Badman Jose

    The post here today are for the most part are anti Maldo. He will get a new start in 2014. This old Dog will hold judgement until
    Monaco. His relations with the team and Grosjean will color the
    picture maybe in his favor, I hope so.


  • O’Ferrari

    I hope not. I hope he breaks his back. I would like to see him suffer all the things he has done to others and all the things that pdvsa and the government (of which he is a spokesperson! !!) has done to others.

    Maybe that will give him perspective.

    Bloody hell….

  • Tamburello_1994

    Don’t hold back anything. Tell us how you really feel. :)

    O’Ferrari – I like the cut of your jib.

  • O’Ferrari

    I used to like pastor. Cook for twenty minutes, add minced beef, garlic, tomato, oregano, onion and a little cheese. Oh wait…. pasta!

    Pastor? Oh, I never liked him.

  • A41202813GMAIL

    Come On, Guys, Keep Politic Hate Out Of This.


  • O’Ferrari

    Aggressive forever
    Pastor never!

  • Imran

    I like romain.. he is always fighting with kimi and sebastian after the summer break.. Pastor?? not improving and keep blaming the team.. with one win, nothing improve if cannot cope himself with the car .. Money is nothing if he is always demonstrating such attitude..