Ferrari tech boss doubts big differences in 2014 V6 turbo engines

Pat Fry

Pat Fry

Ferrari technical boss Pat Fry has gone on record as saying that he doubts that any single engine maker will get a big head start on its rivals in 2014.

There are paddock reports that suggest Mercedes will have up to a 100 horse power advantage over engine rivals Ferrari and Renault with its new turbo V6 engine technology.

On the other hand, it has been said Ferrari is delighted with the 2014 rules, because it gives the Italian marque a chance to impress with its expertise in engine design, after an era mostly obsessed with aerodynamic gains.

Fry, however, told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport: “Aerodynamics will be as important next year as it was in the last 15 years.”

He thinks that outright engine power and performance will not be the crucial factor.

“The differences between the … engines will mainly be determined by reliability,” said the Briton.

“The technology is so complex that five units per driver is really very little. I believe [that] large differences performance-wise will not arise – perhaps in the race, when the fuel consumption determines the power.”

At the same time, Fry thinks it is possible the start of the new era in 2014 will open the door to a major technical innovation, a la the double diffuser of 2009.

“The aerodynamic regulations are pretty clear,” he said, “but I do see a few ways to interpret things differently.

“There will be solutions that have not previously been seen,” revealed Fry.

Meanwhile, after Red Bull‘s Adrian Newey admitted his 2014 car is ‘ugly’, Fry refused to say the next scarlet single seater will be similarly unseemly.

“If it wins,” he smiled, “then no.” (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    I think Pat is right even if you have the power you will be limited by the reliability factor a bit like the Renault V8 they took the limiter off and wound it up to 22,000 revs thinking it would blow yet it didn’t but the V8 was limited to 18,000 to make them reliable, also to comply with regs.
    I hate the thought of all the Fuel Saving in the race again also there will be the flow valve restricting fuel so even if your car can run further for less you are still restricted fuel wise under load.
    We shall see soon what the ugly toasters sound like and if they make it past the first bend.

  • captain tortuga

    @McL-fan : you mean. “if we -the spectators- make it past the first bend” ;)