Anthony Hamilton: I never asked Lewis for a penny, thanks was all I needed for 18 years of graft

Lewis Hamilton with his father Anthony Hamilton on the weekend of his F1 debut in Bahrian 2007

Lewis Hamilton with his father Anthony Hamilton on the weekend of his F1 debut in Bahrian 2007

It emerged in court this week that Lewis Hamilton never paid Anthony Hamilton who, as his father and manager was by his side throughout his junior years, his rookie year in Formula 1 and his 2008 Championship year.

Hamilton senior has been testifying in London as he sues another former charge, Scottish driver Paul di Resta, for wrongful dismissal and loss of earnings.

But arguably the most interesting details were divulged in court on Thursday, when it emerged not only that Mercedes driver Hamilton never paid Anthony as his career-making manager, but that the 28-year-old driver reneged on a $4 million ‘gift’ to his father after they split in 2010.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his 2008 World Championship triumph with his dad Anthony

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his 2008 World Championship triumph with  dad Anthony

“I never asked Lewis for a penny,” Anthony Hamilton told the court. “When he won the World Championship in 2008, he thanked me and that was all I needed for 18 years of graft.”

Hamilton snr, who earned his living through his own IT company and has a mortgage on his home, revealed that his son decided to fire him because he thought, “You know what dad, I am fed up listening to you”.

But the winner of 22 grands prix did promise to make his father a cash gift, believed to be in the amount of between $3 and $4 million, “Maybe he was feeling guilty and wanted to say thank you to everybody.”

But Hamilton senior admitted that, as their relationship deteriorated to barely speaking terms, his son changed his mind.

Asked why, Anthony said: “I don’t have the answer to that. It just never happened. I am comfortable with it. It’s not my business. If he says he’s going to do something and he doesn’t that’s his loss. It’s not my place to go money-grabbing.” (GMM)

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  • StevetheGreat

    What a lecherous scumbad.

  • Tinto

    Both suck

  • gilgen

    so lewis never paid his father anything for 4 -5 years? what a skinflint! both are as bad as each other, but you would think that a son would actually give something to his father who “gave up so much to help his son”.

  • Tom Zeus

    Parents are usually the ones that get the boot up the you know what…sad that Lewis wouldn’t share something with his dad…figuring that dad helped him from day 1 in karting and on through the racing ranks. Personally I think there are too many people running around the paddocks with silver spoons up their arses. But what would we expect from a circus.

  • MightyK

    @Tom Zeus
    Very well said, Sir.

  • TT

    I’m no fan of Anthony, but I think the respectable thing to do would be to at least pay the man, without him Lewis wouldn’t have any means to speak about cash gifts in the first place.

  • Helmut Kern

    haven’t we all found out over time that when it comes to money all bets are off .

  • F1 MAD

    What a shame ,when he broke on the scene i really was hoping Lewis would turn out to be a gentleman but it went up to his head and became an overpaid arrogant little twerp .
    I doubt he still has what it takes to achieve greatness .His performance is driven by his roller coaster relationships with pop stars as if he’s striving for a rock star image not an F1 legend .
    I suggest he picks up guitar lessons because i can’t see him breaking too many F1 records with this kind of attitude .
    I think he should turn to Villeneuve for advice as he knows a thing or two about this kind of lifestyle . Lewis ..modern F1 has no room for a James Hunt , ask Nikki about that he should know .

  • Hawk

    do you still maintain your commentary above?
    that Lewis didnt pay his dad a single coin.