Sutil manager says there are two options on the table for 2014

Adrian Sutil

Adrian Sutil

Adrian Sutil has two options to stay in Formula 1 beyond 2013, according to manager Manfred Zimmermann, suggesting that Force India remains an option, while Sauber appears the most likely destination for his client.

Zimmerman told Motorsport-Total, “We have two options, but there is still no decision. Of course, we strive to have a solution as quickly as possible, but this is not only in our hands.”

“Formula 1 at the moment is no longer predictable. There are so many imponderables and I’m not sure if next year all eleven teams from this year will still be at the start,” added Zimmerman.

Sutil who recently likened the 2013 Force India car to a carrot, was adamant in Brazil that he had a deal for 2014.

He declared at the time, “I have a contract and am looking forward to another year in Formula 1.”

But at an event recently he was less adamant, “It’s like with any contract that you have in life, it is not 100 percent sure.”

Reports suggest that McLaren reject Sergio Perez is most likely to partner Nico Hulkenberg at Force India next year. Perez will bring in a fair amount of money, through backing from Telmex, which the Silverstone based team would not shun.

Sutil, who himself has backing from Medion, is increasingly likely to move to Sauber who have yet to finalise their driver line-up for next season.


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  • StevetheGreat

    Sutil doesn’t deserve a seat in f1 and Medion sucks.

  • drift

    I think Sutil has some talent, but there are better drivers out there (for example the one who was about to achieve a highly respectable result for Lotus if not something fell from the sky and damaged his car)

    And his Medion-connection does help him to probably get a seat for 2014, but it doesn’t help earning the respect a driver without any sponsors would get.

  • Fernanda Aloser

    Haha, ‘McLaren reject Sergio Perez’.
    Let’s never forget that Nando Alfonso is another McLaren reject who couldn’t beat a rookie.

  • pdf

    Hamilton wasn’t a rookie but a protege of McLaren being fondled with hundreds of testing laps and the car built for him.

  • The Pessimist

    Sutil would very soon regret his ‘Carrot’ remarks when he’ll find himself out of Formula one in 2014.

  • Badman Jose

    Sutil really believed in drive’s contract in today’s F1..



  • McLarenfan

    yep he has a drive next to Herbert’s lemon in the Red Bull soap box derby his team mate Crashtor Malfunctionardo