Horner: We won the title early, enabling us to focus on the RB10 while our rivals battled

Christian Horner with Adrian Newey

Christian Horner with Adrian Newey

In what is a clear warning to rivals, Red Bull‘s Team Principal Christian Horner has predicted that his World Champion team will hit the ground running next season when the all new V6 turbo era begins, because wrapping up their two titles early on – in October – has enabled the team to focus on their 2014 car earlier than they expected.

Horner told the media recently, “Thankfully we managed to secure this Championship reasonably early which has enabled all the focus to go on to [the] RB10 whilst obviously Ferrari and Mercedes have been battling each other for the runner-up position.”

“Of course we’ve been pushing the boundaries and Adrian [Newey] is never famous for starting next year’s car early. That’s exactly the same case for RB10,” added Horner.

Speaking to the official F1 website Newey revealed the design process ahead of the new turbo era, “The first thing that you do is to read the regulations – very, very carefully.”

Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull celebrate their eighth world title in four years

Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull celebrate their eighth World title in four years

“You try to read what they actually say, rather than what they intend to say, as this is not always the same thing. After that I’m actually breaking it down into bite-size chunks.”

“Then you try to understand from the regulations the aerodynamic and mechanical packaging that appears to be the best solutions for those different areas. You go away and research them and at some point try to bring it all back together again.”

“For me that is the important bit: the end product should be a whole and not pieces thrown together into one cluster,” explained the most succesful designer in the history of the sport.

“The car that will brush aside all others will be a car having the combination of good engine and good chassis – if one side is letting you down you will have a problem. But who will come up with the ideal combination? That’s the big guessing game for all of us and will add spice to the 2014 season,” added Newey. (GP247)

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  • Butterfly

    Yes, CH, you did focus on the car while the others were fighting each other. It means you have more time to prepare for 2014, doesn’t it?

    Right. Which is exactly why AN said a couple of days ago that you guys are about six months behind schedule.

    Oh, that makes sense right now.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Yep, focus in on the rules, not what they intended but how you can find a sneaky way around them. Sit down with your lawyers and disect the words to find a loophole. Another Red Bull F1 car designed first by the lawyers, then by the engineers. And you said it Adrian, I’m just the messenger. First part of your amazing engineering process for your F1 cars is time with the lawyers looking for loopholes in the rules. Got it.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    It’s like a tax cheat. The first thing they do is they read through the tax rules to find a way to not pay tax. Then they laugh at all the people who are paying tax, while they are not. Sure the government intended them to pay tax, but when the words of the rules allow them to not pay tax, they don’t pay tax. It’s called cheating. Eventually the government fixes the wording of the rules, but the tax cheat has found a new loophole to not pay tax.

  • Tom

    @ Red Bull Cheats

    Some technically sound lawyers they’ve got there at Red Bull, no? Finding out loopholes in F1 rules is quite an impressive task for a lawyer me thinks…

  • Garth

    Red Bull Cheats.

    you have got it bad haven’t you, settle down, relax, take an aspirin or something. you keep saying they are cheats, well show us, give us all some facts, prove it, don’t just keep saying it, give us the proof because what you keep saying means nothing without it. Way back road cars had their windscreen wipers mounted above the screen, then one bright designer observed that they were dragging the water up the way and it was running back down the screen, so by putting them below the screen they cleared more water, same thing only works better, thats what Adrian Newey and Vettel do, same thing only better.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @Garth, I’ve given loads of proof here many times. I suggest you learn to use Google and you will find it too…

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @Tom, they used lawyers to defend their revised engine mapping rule breach earlier this year, they are employed by the team as they know law and technical regulations. They look at how to twist the wording but not get punished. So yeah, I’m right, again.

  • farizY

    @red bull cheats
    Sour grapes. Crawl back to whichever cave you came from. Loser. Lol.
    You win some, you lose some. That’s life.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Agreed. The “cheats meme” is getting stale, and repetitive.

    ” . . I’ve given loads of proof here many times.”

    That’s right. We’ve heard your bullcrap about a thousands of times now – And you ain’t changing anyone’s mind. I guess you figure if you keep repeating it, Somehow it will all come true.

    Tell you what, Why don’t you take your “proof” to the FIA and see what they think, Sour-puss.

    Fcuking enough already.

  • Madnessisfame

    Anyone who can’t see that the RB is abnormally fast is not a serious F1 fan. RB always managed to hide behind that thin line that divides cheating and what’s hardly legeal…and as far as the FIA is concerned, as long as you are not caught therefore you are legeal.
    If the RB going to clearly pull the same strings and dominate as they did for the past 4 years, I will surly be among the millions of fans losing true interest of following & watching F1. The purpose is defeated.

  • Garth

    What the FIA should do for all the pathetic whiners on here is throw away the rule book and have any engine configuration allowed up to V8 any tyre you wish but keep the pit stop for tyres only and allow the same amount of engine and gearbox changes as at present and you would still all be pissed off because Adrian Neway and Vettel would still be the ones to beat. Bleat bleat boo hoo RB are cheating again go watch Doc Macstuffins

  • Tinto

    @Madnessisfame: let me guess, racing is about cyclic winnings. Today X, tomorrow Y, that will keep everybody entertained.

    Big balls always win, bulls are reputable for their size.

  • Harys

    I see that you are the pathetic one here. I bet you only love shows with happy endings, and thats where it ends for you. Limited.