Di Resta: Anthony Hamilton was not professional and he wholly failed to deliver

Anthony Hamilton with Paul di Resta in ahppier times

Anthony Hamilton with Paul di Resta in happier times

It has thus far been a heated and drama packed court case in which, Lewis Hamilton’s father, Anthony is suing Paul di Resta for wrongful dismissal and subsequent loss of earnings.

Hamilton told the court that his reputation had been sullied by the affair and that Di Resta’s allegations had “attracted a lot of bad press and [have] had a serious effect on my family and my business.”

In statement Di Resta countered, “[Hamilton] was not taking a professional approach to seeking sponsorship for me. He wholly failed to deliver.”

During proceedings Hamilton revealed that a box containing mobile phones, video recorders and a computer had gone missing during a house move earlier this year. The equipment is said to have contained digital files which would have impacted the proceedings of the case.

Anthony Hamilton managed the affairs of his son Lewis Hamilton, but is now managed by Simon Fuller

Anthony Hamilton managed the affairs of his son Lewis Hamilton, but is now managed by Simon Fuller

Upon hearing this Paul Downes QC, representing Di Resta, said, “You knew [that the contents] would be highly controversial in these proceedings, didn’t you?”

“Correct” Hamilton replied, but admitted that he did not report the missing boxes to police.

During cross examination Downes asked Hamilton, who has a background in IT, if he knew how to alter dates on emails, suggesting that he had sent back-dated emails.

Downes: “You know all about it don’t you, Mr Hamilton? Come on! Can you remember altering the date and time of your Blackberry?”
Hamilton: “No.”

Hamilton was asked to shed light on his tax status, and revealed, “I’m domiciled for tax purposes in Grenada. But I’m accountable for tax in the UK because I live and work here.”

Anthony Hamilton with Paul di Resta's girlfriend Laura Jordan in 2011

Anthony Hamilton with Paul di Resta’s girlfriend Laura Jordan in 2011

The case went to court in the aftermath of Hamilton being dismissed by Di Resta who said that he had fired Hamilton because he was misled about an energy drinks sponsorship deal with a company called ‘Go Fast’.

Di Resta allegedly brought the €5.5 million deal to Hamilton and was told by him that buying his drinks sponsorship rights from Force India would cost €2 million.

Reportedly, Di Resta fired Hamilton after he approached the Silverstone based team himself and found that buying the rights from Force India actually cost only €1 million.

During proceedings Di Resta was accompanied by his girlfriend Laura Jordan and his father Louis di Resta.

The case is expected to continue through to 17 January, but judgement is only expected late in January. (GP247)

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    the news goes on.. what a timing

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    I wonder if the drinks deal is what got Di Resta canned?

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    Hamilton Sr is such a scumbag!

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    Well, his own son fired him. THAT tells us something!

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    Did he sue his son for unfair dismissal too?

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    Takes one Scumbag to know another?

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    Don’t think so, his fate was doomed based on poor results and if Perez is coming, then money any team badly needs it.

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    Di Resta has arrogant bad attitude. Delivered result is close to zero.He doesnot deserve a seat in F1.