Pirro says Ferrari needed to boost driver line-up with Raikkonen

Emanuele Pirro

Emanuele Pirro

Former F1 driver and five time Le Mans winner Emanuele Pirro believes that Ferrari needed to shake up their driver line-up to be competitive in 2014, and bringing in Kimi Raikkonen to partner Fernando Alonso could prove to be a master stroke by the Maranello outfit.

Speaking during the WEC finale in Bahrain where he was part of the Audi entourage, Pirro said of the the Raikkonen / Alonso pairing, “I like it that Raikkonen is having another shot. I am curious, like everybody else, to see how he performs alongside Alonso. But definitiely Ferrari had to do such a move because their driver combination this year was a little bit weaker than the other teams. This combination could be exactly be what they need.”

Of Felipe Massa’s departure, Pirro said, “I like Felipe who is a super guy and very nice person. I think he has had many years at Ferrari and it was the right time to move on to give a chance to somebody else. I am happy [if] Massa can continue, I am also happy to see [that] he has enough passion to continue.”

However the 51 year old Italian cautioned, “The Williams of today is not the Williams of the good old days, so I hope he does not feel frustrated to drive a midfield car. Looking on the positive side he may find the motivation that he was probably lacking in the last period at Ferrari.”

“A fresh start, with fresh people might provide this motivation and we may see a better driver next year,” added Pirro who started 37 grands prix between 1989 and 1991. (GP247)

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  • Red Bull Cheats

    Massa has been crap for years, and yet he out drove Kimi, so I expect Alonso to destroy Kimi.

  • Wraith

    Out drove kimi? I must’ve watched some other grand Prix then.. 07 kimi won the WDC in his 1st year at Ferrari. 08 the only reason massa was still in the title fight was cos of outrageous decisions by the FIA (handing massa a win when he wasn’t even fighting for a win) and bad luck on kimi’s part.. Go thru the season and see for yourself. 09 the Ferrari was a dog… And the passed 2 years kimi beat Massa in inferior machinery.. Alonso might beat kimi but kimi will give him a harder run than massa did.. It wouldn’t surprise me if alonso jumps ship when his team mate starts out performing him. It’s happened before.

  • matthew

    kimi will not outperform alonso, but I doubt kimi will be destroyed. I predict alonso will finish the 14 season with at least 20 points over kimi. Hold me to it.

  • Hunter

    Kimi has been hired by Ferrari in order to bring ithem a WDC again. People of Maranello know it. They have been trying it with Alonso during 4 years but it hasn’t worked it.

    If they wanted a strong driver line up or only a WCC they would have just hired Nico Hulkenberg, a very good driver.

    However our words are not going to write the future. Let’s wait for the next season to see the results.

  • F1 MAD

    As much as i admire Alonso for his near perfect driving skill i wouldn’t be so bold to say that he will destroy Kimi .

    In today’s F1 you can’t destroy your teammate in the top 4 teams , look at Massa , despite his obvious demotivation he was very often within strike distance of Alonso . So we’re talking about milliseconds here .

    Alonso is a technical driver whereas kimi is a natural talent but technical always wins in the end .

    As for Massa vs. Kimi i think felipe did hold his own and then some but i sense he has the Barichello syndrome he wants to be there but his heart’s not in it anymore . The best thing Ferrari did was to replace him albeit a couple of years too late .

  • Tamburello_1994

    Good post by Hunter, I completely agree.

  • Commander

    I don’t like Ferrari at all but I like Kimi. Let’s see what 2014 brings.
    I hope they both perform.

  • Binoy

    Im a Kimi fan and i like people saying Alonso is gonna destroy Kimi in 2014. An underdog status…ya,i like it. But watch out for the ICEMAN!!! He is gonna give a heart attack to many.