Hamilton versus Di Resta court case starts

Anthony Hamilton with Paul di Resta

Anthony Hamilton with Paul di Resta

Lewis Hamilton’s father, Anthony is in court this week where he is suing his former client Paul di Resta for wrongful dismissal and subsequent loss of earnings.

At the time Di Resta said that he fired Hamilton because he was misled about an energy drinks sponsorship with a company called ‘Go Fast’.

Di Resta allegedly brought the €5.5 million deal to Hamilton and was told by him that buying his drinks sponsorship rights from Force India would cost €2 million.

Reportedly, Di Resta fired Hamilton after he approached the Silverstone based team himself and found that buying the rights from Force India actually cost only €1 million.

Di Resta appeared in court yesterday [Tuesday] and revealed during proceedings that it is very unlikley he will get a Formula 1 drive next year.

Also expected to give evidence during the court case is McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh.  (Apex-GMM)

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  • Dean C

    Yup….straight on…turn left!

  • sidhu

    Poor Paul !! Hamilton senior sure took the chap for a ride :D

  • Ty

    If this is true I can’t believe how little integrity Anthony Hamilton has. What a con man.

  • Texas Roadhouse

    Makes you wonder why Hamiltons senior and son split up…..

  • matthew

    Good thing the apple fell far from the tree with lewis!

  • Ian Mac

    Let’s await the court’s verdict before passing judgement ourselves. It’s a sad situation either way, as is Paul’s lack of a drive for 2014.
    Maybe he should be looking to Indycars…

  • Tom Johnson

    Di Resta v Hamilton.

    What I do know is that, Hamilton Di Resta = FI drive
    Goddard Di Resta = No drive.

    Smart move, Di Resta, not !

  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    What a scumbag. No wonder Hamilton Sr. is banned from the garages.

  • Garth

    Lewis sacked him first, now Paul has for much the same reasons. now the nasty greedy little lying nobody goes to court. Think shame of yourself I hope this costs the little parrasite a fortune in court fees.