Force India considering trio of drivers to partner Hulkenberg

Adrian Sutil, Paul di Resta and Nico Hulkenberg were Force India teammates in 2011

Adrian Sutil, Paul di Resta and Nico Hulkenberg were Force India teammates in 2011

Force India  named only one of its drivers for the 2014 season, as predicted, the Silverstone based team said that its 2012 race driver, Nico Hulkenberg, is returning after a single season with Sauber.

It has since emerged that there are three candidates to be Hulkenberg’s teammate – 2013 incumbents Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta, and the Telmex-backed McLaren refugee Sergio Perez.

“From all the names that are out there, I can work with anyone,” Hulkenberg told Britain’s Sky. “I’m sure it won’t be long before we know.”

Perez appears to be the frontrunner, reportedly with €10-15 million in backing to offer, with German Sutil more strongly linked with Hulkenberg’s newly-vacated seat at the struggling Swiss team Sauber.

Scotland’s di Resta is tipped to leave Formula 1, possibly to replace his retiring cousin Dario Franchitti at  top Indycar team Ganassi.

As he appeared in a London court for a case against his former manager Anthony Hamilton on Wednesday, di Resta admitted it is “very unlikely” that he will be on the Formula 1 grid next year.

Formula 1 teams’ ever-increasing reliance on drivers bringing financial backing also hurt Hulkenberg’s search for a top seat, having earlier been linked with Lotus.

“I think everyone will have their own opinion on it,” he said on Wednesday, when asked about Lotus’ signing of the PDVSA-backed Pastor Maldonado ahead of him.

“It’s not the first time I’ve experienced something like this,” Hulkenberg is quoted by the Express newspaper.

“I’ve lost a seat once in Williams, but to be honest I try to [focus] my energy on the important subjects and take my career in the right [direction].” (GMM)

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  • captain tortuga

    Losing a seat is one thing.. losing it to the biggest failure F1 has seen after the ‘marc-gene-episode’ with ferrari, is another thing.

    One can only hope that Crashtor creates some spacial awareness, to avoid all the other drivers.
    I really hope that the first time this kamikaze-pilot , as much as looks towards an other driver, that the blackflag him, and ban him from the F1.

    Never seen a driver deserve a seat less than he does. he hardly deserves to race a FIAT-panda..

  • Doombeard

    Totally agree. I am a fan of Lotus and even understand they have financial issues, but think Sergio would have been a better signing if they could not sign the hulk. Hulk in a lotus would have been amazing. Sad state the majority of F1 teams are in.

    I think Pastor is a terrible driver, mediocre at best and think Lotus could well regret this. All the money he brings will just be spent on fixing cars he destroys. Lotus will have their work cut out for them if they plan on transforming him like they did Grosjean (who I think is vastly improved). I predict at least 1 win for RoGro next year.

  • it is him again

    Scrooged out of a preferred seat again by the same pay driver.
    When will he be rid of Pastor and his money truck.

  • Peres is quicker than Sutil and Paul anyway

    Peres is quicker than Sutil and Paul anyway. The sponsorship will give him an added advantage.
    Also comes with top team experience at mclaren.
    Cannot see a reason why it will not be Peres partnering the Hulk.
    They will be as close as Hami and Ros at Merc.
    That is what Force India wants. Will really route for them in the midfield battle if that is the pairing.

    look forward to not seeing Di Resta on the grid. No more- I beat Vettle in juniour leagues, i made all the good calls, the team disappointed me, that was not my fault, i have no grip, nag nag nag. GOOD RIDDANCE

  • Mario

    As mexican I prefer Perez. but I think a Hulk and Perez lineup will be very interesting with two young drivers challenging each other in every race.

  • McLarenfan

    @captain tortuga:
    Lets be honest Crashtor Malfunctionardo doesn’t deserve a seat on a BUS.

  • lol

    LOL…..good one. That cracked me up.

    No matter where we are in the world. We all love F1 the same.

  • McLarenfan

    I was thinking what series I would place him in and to be honest I thought Demolition Derby, but his head would Malfunction and spectators would end up impaled on the front of his ride.
    He is a menace.

  • drift

    Adrian Sutil: B-
    Paul Di Resta: C+
    Sergio Perez: in between

    HEIKKI KOVALAINEN: A minus the shitload of bad luck he had with those freak incidents at Lotus!!!!!!!!

  • drift

    @McLarenfan: Maybe Mastor became a “psychotic moron” after reading it enough times in the internetz and all the shitstorm that has been raining down on him since?