Ferrari tester Gene believes that Red Bull will have advantage in 2014

Marc Gene with Fernando Alonso

Marc Gene with Fernando Alonso

Ferrari‘s test driver Marc Gene believes that Red Bull will enter the 2014 Formula 1 season with a technical advantage, despite the radical new regulations.

While Adrian Newey penned Red Bulls utterly dominated the last several seasons, the Italian marque Ferrari has done a u-turn on its stance on the move to V6 turbo engines next year, after years of V8 power. The ‘glamour boys’ from Maranello had previously expressed disagreement with the move away from from the V8’s which, at least in terms of the buying public’s perception, had more in common with the high-end, high performance road cars which are the staple of the company’s commercial activities.

“We are not building aeroplanes or satellites, we’re building cars,” president Luca di Montezemolo told CNN last month. “Engine, gearbox, suspensions: these are also crucial, particularly for us.”

Team test driver Marc Gene, however, argues that although the new rules are a big opportunity for Ferrari, Red Bull remains in pole position due to its dominant position for the past few years.

“There will always be continuity,” Gene told the Spanish sports newspaper AS. “The cars will still be Formula 1 cars, and many parts of the car will be the same.

“The engine, gearbox, KERS, turbo…the rear [of the car] is all brand new. The aerodynamics will be different,” he added, “but there will be follow-on parts [from 2013] too.

“The team that wins the Championship the year before always starts with an advantage, but maybe with less benefit [for 2014] than if there had been the same rules,” said Gene.

Another element to consider for 2014 is that, with the radical transition from the 2013 to 2014 rules, teams that started work on next year’s project the earliest will also have a bigger advantage than usual.

In this regard, it was believed that Mercedes – already reported to have the best 2014 engine – has been working on its new car for longer than most.

“I don’t think so,” said Gene, “as they [had] been fighting for the Constructors’ Championship with us right until the end.

“Red Bull [had] also been developing its car until very recently,” he added. “I don’t know if anyone will have a big advantage because of this.” (GMM)

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  • captain tortuga

    @:editor :

    I know it is very hard to read back an whole article, from spelling-mistakes, and grammer-mistakes and stuff..

    But really.. “belives’ ?!?!?! come on!

  • matthew

    Judging from the title I was like uh-oh, ferraris going to fire this guy. The title makes his statement seem far more drastic than it was.

  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    Anyone who doesn’t think RBR will have an advantage hasn’t been paying attention or are letting their emotions get in the way of logical thought.

    RBR have been perfecting their differential and their torque controling engine maps since the summer break… if you actually watched F1 you saw it for yourself!

  • gaoguowei

    Mclaren and Red Bull will be strongest out of the gate in 2014, along with Mercedes and Ferrari who will be slightly behind

  • matthew

    @gaoguowei, It may be wishful thinking for mclaren, they were the laughingstock of 13. All that $ and they were still crushed easily. I hope they are competitive, I really do like them, but im not so sure.