Will GP2 Series cars be faster than Formula 1 cars in 2014?

GP2 Series

GP2 Series

Formula 1 could be matched for pace by the single seaters of its support GP2 series next year.

That is the fear and warning of Enrico Scalabroni, a well-known name in the Formula 1 paddock, having worked as a technical chief at teams including Williams and Ferrari.

He set up his own GP2 team some years back, and now thinks that the support field of 2014 could match for pace the new-generation, V6 turbo-powered Formula 1 cars.

As well as featuring smaller engines, next year’s Formula 1 cars will also be heavier, have less downforce due to the significant aerodynamic changes, and probably more conservatively-designed and selected Pirelli tyres.

“I hate to be alarmist,” Scalabroni is quoted by Spain’s El Mundo Deportivo newspaper, “but I would not be surprised if a GP2 car is as fast as a Formula 1 (car).

“You only have to make simple calculations to see that this could occur, at least at the beginning of the development phase in Formula 1.

“Some [people] are concerned with this possibility,” he added. (GMM)

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  • captain tortuga

    Actually the fact that it could only be remotely possible is embarrassing enough.

  • Bub

    And they’ve been slow enough as it is in recent years. I was watching a re-run of the 1999 Australian Grand Prix on Sky F1 last night. The cars were visibly faster then compared to the current era.
    Even without close racing it was much more exciting to watch.

  • stoner

    The actual Formula 1 is now arguably a thing of the past, off recently it has been a bore fest with one sided results, teams financial crisis and talentless pay driver’s who crashes more often and ruins others race.
    Get back the old V10’s at least.

  • stoner

    And BTW there hasn’t been a circuit record broken by anyone in the past 5-6 years. I know that last circuit record broken was by Kimi.

  • meh

    The fact is that 90+% of the worldwide F1 audience do not have a clue about GP2/3, nor will they know enough to notice much of a difference in speed from this year.

  • Bub

    I agree Stoner. Bring back the V10s!

    Screw fuel consumption.

  • Ty

    When Senna died the cars weighed 505kg and had 850hp. Why can’t we have that power to weight ratio?

    I mean is there a reason that an F1 car today has to way as much as an Indycar back in the day which was considered a bloated overweight leviathan that had to brake at twice the distance to a corner.

    F1 cars at 505/850 were considered cutting edge and beasts to drive.

    So let me understand, next year F1 will weigh 700kg and have 700 hp?

    That is a joke. That doesn’t compare to Senna’s day in terms of driving effort, and that includes the manual gearlever!

  • matthew

    I just don’t understand why f1 management is trying to slow the cars down! The whole “we need to be sensitive to the times and environment” fuel consumption concerns are idiotic. F1 cars are supposed to be the fastest and most advanced race cars on earth! Preparing for a race and finishing should be as complex as a space mission!

  • stoner


  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    Scarbs knows his shit too. Just look at his youtube vids on Peter Windsor’s channel. Dude is smart. If he says it, you can bet on it. ;) Just like him calling out Mclaren this season. I made tons of loot betting against them in the opening rounds.

  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    Scarbs knows his stuff (stupid mods) too. Just look at his youtube vids on Peter Windsor’s channel. Dude is smart. If he says it, you can bet on it. Just like him calling out Mclaren this season. I made tons of loot betting against them in the opening rounds.

  • Kimi4WDC

    Watch Kimi’s qualy lap on Nurburgring 2005, that car was beyong the limits on Michelin tyres.

  • splatterdbastard

    I’m not gonna pay exorbitant sums to watch flashy go karts when I can see REAL racing at the local kiddy track.
    BRING ON THE SPEED DAMMIT! Let’s see some REAL engines like V10s, V12’s. Let the chump teams run the 8’s.
    For F1 to be racing 6cylinders is like the Premier League fielding teams composed of gradeschool kids or the NFL to…ah, who cares about the NFL?

  • matthew

    HAHAHA!!!! I’m american, but that nfl comment was gold!

  • muddles thailand

    The problem with F1 now is that the cars are being used for the introduction of their systems to road cars.
    V12’s, V10’s and V8’s are becoming more of a dinasaur in affordable road cars because of efficiency and the likes, power yes, efficiency no.
    It boils down to what F1 represents currently, that’s speed performance and efficiency for offering to car manufacturers for them to sell their product.
    As followers of the sport that’s what we get, engine and Tyre test labs called F1.
    Bernie does not give a rats arse about us, just his bank balance.

  • Eugel Long

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  • Jim

    The 2014 F1 cars have evolved into quasi-electric vehicles anyway, approaching Formula E status. Artificial tire constraints, fuel constraints, DRS, Kers, a half dozen penalties for racing, etc, etc. How scary was the talk of 17 year old pay drivers from Russia.

    F1 has really and truly expired. What exactly are they thinking in Paris??? Twenty-two cars on a racing circuit have to be as efficient as a Nissan Leaf??? Watch the paid attendance at F1 races drop by 20 percent this year.

    Now would be the time for IndyCar to go global as F1 sinks under the weight of its own self-imposed regulations. In order to do it though, IndyCar would have to get rid of the oval circuits, take the ridiculous looking fenders off the wheels that don’t really do what they were supposed to do anyway, and stop pretending to be Nascar.

  • Sam Curtis

    GP2 will not be faster than f1. maybe at the first days of testing as it will be a new era so they will just be running the engines and far from maximum rpm!. F1 is lets be honest is all about money! No global company will want to be interested in a has been formula! It’s all thought out! i agree that the fastest track Motorsport in the world should have v10/v12 but you dont understand the the role f1 has had in safety! your car couldn’t be as safe as it is with out f1!! unfortunately It’s like i said all about money. not many people can afford big v10/12 powered cars and few can afford v8’s therefor v6’s are more cheaper in road cars! now let me stress this! by 2015/ early 2016 you wont be able to recognise the cars from 2014! And as for the sound what are you on about they sound brutal!