Brawn admits Formula 1 return possible after fishing break

Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn

Veteran team boss Ross Brawn has confirmed reports claiming that he could remain in the sport, after stepping down as Mercedes‘ team boss.

Mercedes’ team chairman Niki Lauda, who tried to convince the Briton to stay at Brackley in a new role, said on Monday he would “not be surprised” if Brawn eventually returns to the paddock after a “fishing” break.

“I really tried hard but he stays a consultant to me, which I think is very good and important,” Lauda is quoted by the BBC.

The British newspaper The Mirror quoted Brawn, 58, as saying he will take “a few months off” and then “see how things pan out”.

He has been linked with a return to Formula 1 with his former employer Ferrari, or even a reunion with Honda, who after pulling out of the sport in 2008 will return to supply works engines to McLaren in 2015.

Lauda even said that a new role at the FIA is a possibility for Brawn.

“Maybe around the summer time I’ll decide what’s happening – it is a sabbatical,” Brawn said.

“I think if I get involved again in motor sport it will be Formula 1, but I’m very open minded,” he added. “I think it depends what motivates me, and what people offer, so we’ll see what happens in the summer.” (GMM)

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  • AFA

    Lauda shut up just SHUT UP!!

    Everything you do is right and you always work in the best interests of everyone blah blah blah…

    Of course, you didn’t try to make Brawn stay. Of course, you think Wolff and you can do better the job than him, and of course, as soon as you realise the great mistake you made, you’d wish he comes back!!!

  • matthew

    I think brawn just wants a long vacation. Either that or he wants to retire young! He’ll be back if he wants to.

  • Texas Roadhouse

    I believe he knows exactly what he’s going to do – and when.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there was not an agreement in place already for him to head up Honda’s return as an engine supplier, and that he’s agreed with Mercedes to take the first half of the year off as part of his leaving arrangements.

    Wherever he might go, however, I just hope he’s back sooner rather than later. The sport needs people of his calibre and integrity.

  • stoner

    Ferrari and McLaren. ;-)
    both have useless Team Principal’s

  • sidhu

    Please don’t come back. After the fish break take a hunting break or whatever. The world has seen enough of Brawnship. We need new legends.

  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    Williams, Williams, Williams!!!

    though I have heard the Honda deal for 2015 included a clause stating Ross Brawn will be a member of the top team they supply… the closer we get to 2015 the more likely that scenario sounds!