Are Renault also testing their 2014 V6 turbo F1 engine?

2014 F1 Renault turbo engine

2014 F1 Renault turbo engine

Hot on the heels of reports that Ferrari may have track tested its 2014 V6 engine – dubbed the V6 Turbo Energy F1 – it emerges that Renault might also have done the same.

A video on the internet depicting an unidentified Ferrari road car obviously running a turbocharged engine sparked reports that the Italian marque had found a loophole to give its all-new 2014 ‘power unit’ an early track debut.

And now Omnicorse reports that Renault, having powered Red Bull to the last four World Championships of the normally-aspirated V8 era, may also have been testing its new turbo engine recently.

The report said that because the regulations prohibit track testing with a Formula 1 car, the reported secret Renault test took place at Magny Cours and featured a single seater chassis from the Formula Renault 3.5 series. (GMM)

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  • captain tortuga

    Hahaha, i’m betting it is all true!

    As i said yesterday, i think all car-manufacturers who could, should do it. (I.e: McL/RBR/MB/FER..)

    If they can actually use another tub of a lower series car,(instead of just a roadcar) that would mean that anyone can test, even a CTH with a GP-2 chassis for example.
    (thinking about it now, CTH also has roadgoing cars.. though i seriously doubt if you want to put an F1-engine in a Caterham-7 chassis, or in a Lotus-exige for that matter lolz)

    Anyways i think they (the FIA) should let them go, it will be good for the teams and thus for the sport to get some benchmarks in about the new engines, before testing cooling systems, aeroworks, tyres, etc.

  • Steve W

    Is there a specific ban on testing the engines like this?

  • Chrill

    The engines are introduced with a very short timespan for working on reliability. Don’t be surprised if we get many shocks during the 2014 season with engine blowouts and similar. On the other side, I wouldn’t be surprised if they all have it under control and the 2014 simply becomes remarkably boring with all these new regulations failing to shake up the grid.

  • Taskmaster

    Why the media is so surprised that engine producers are testing is a mystery. Of course they are, and have probably been at it for some months now at various levels. As usual, the coverage is pretty lame. The real question actual motorsports reporters should be digging into, is whether they are testing the ERS systems. The 2014 season’s lottery will be won by the success or failure of that complex mess. These systems carry 10X the energy, available for 5X the time of KERS (or more, depending on how its used). Lose MGU-H – turbo lag will kill corner exit performance. Lose MGU-K – top speed will be suffer seriously (161hp worth). For those (like me) who thought the tire debacle of 2013 created stupid results and completely failed to deliver the closer competition promised… 2014 is going to be a the punchline to that awful joke.

  • iceman 2.0

    I just hope there are a few renault engine blowouts in the beginning. Or else it would be a 2013 replay all over. Since the aero regulations aren’t massive so its still advantage Redbull.

  • kimster

    a few renault blowouts wouldnt do the trick… hoping that newey leaves f1 soon because any team has a very unfair advantage if he is with them…hes just bloody brilliant………and if its just seb alone he isnt much of a THREAT……

  • StevetheGreat

    Yawn. These engines are still weak and lame. My beer stien has more litres.

  • StevetheGreat

    @kimster: why do you believe such nonsense?

    When RBR dominate in 2014 it will be thanks to engine mapping, not aero. Newey has nothing to do with the single most import factor for 2014.

  • Paul Jr

    Webber had the same engine mapping.

  • meh

    @ “StevetheGreat 4 December, 2013 at 12:29 am

    Yawn. These engines are still weak and lame. My beer stien has more litres.”

    This says more about you than anything else.

  • Johnny Hewison

    @StevetheGreat I think you’ll find these new engines are developing more power and torque!!

  • Petre

    Replay to Taskmaster:

    1.Absolutely I agree with your comment that in the corners these cars will be so slow because of the turbo lag and 1.6L Engine.

    2. Absolutely I agree that these cars suffer and the top speed will be seriously (161hp worth)!!!!!